Make-up 09 (Lips)

Like the rest of the face, the lips are pretty and soft.  There are two ways you could go this spring to complete your look.  The first look is a berry stained lip.  Almost like you’ve eaten a cherry juice pop.  If you go this route add a hint of shine.  We don’t want to see you coming from a mile away, so use the shine sparenly.  The lips should look healthy and moisturized.  Not like rudolph’s nose!  Add a drop of shine to your middle finger, then pat along the lips.  You’ll look amazing.

The second option is a neutral lip.  The color can go from a very soft pink neutral, to a beige neutral.  Both are really pretty, but it depends on your skin color.  Again you want to add a little shine.  Especially with the neutral lip.  Sometimes the neutral lip looks chalky and goth like.  Not pretty.  Adding the moisture gives you softness.
The brand I like for the stain is NARS lip stain.  NARS also makes a good lip gloss in a jar.  For the neutral lip I like Kevin Aucoin,  Tajanberry.  It’s a grayish Pink (pretty not pastey).  Also MAC Viva Glam V.  It’s a very soft pink.  You can use any type of shine on these colors as long as the shine is clear or a beige color.  I like MAC pure gloss in Wildly Lush.
Now you girls are ready for the spring.  Own your look and add your style!

Finding the perfect jean!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always trying to find the perfect jean.  What’s the perfect jean,  you ask…it’s that one pair of pants that make us look like Giselle.  Well not really, but you know what I mean!  It’s the never ending, daunting task of finding the perfect fabric, with the perfect wash, with the perfect cut.  Every time we buy a new pair of jeans, we think we’ve found the one.  But inevitably after a wear or two we’re right back  where we started from, looking for the perfect pair.

Well girls I’ve found a pair that I think you’ll like.  They’ve been on the market a little while now, but I’ve just recently tried them out.  They’re made by the original designers of 7 jeans.  And we all remember how great our first generation 7’s were.  They are….Rich and Skinny jeans.  The top 2 styles I like are the “sleek” jean, and the “super skinny” jean.  Both sound scary, but trust me girls, the fit is amazing and very flattering.
You see many different celebrities wearing these jeans.  From Blake Lively, to Hillary Duff, to Jessica Alba.  All these girls have different body types, and they all look great in them.  I know what you’re thinking, “they already have perfect bodies”…Well maybe so maybe no, either way go out and try a pair on and see what you think.  Hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.  Until the next obsession!