Anita Ko

I came across a really great jewelry designer by the name of Anita Ko. She’s a Los Angeles based designer that has been featured on many celebrities and stylists at countless industry events. Just recently she’s been feature in Vogue magazine. Her designs are incredibly edgy with that classic component. Keeping true to my feminine edge, her jewelry proves to be just that.

In one of her latest collections she features a pyramid style spike bracelet that’s a bit rock and roll with a sophisticated elegance. She keeps her designs as simple or as blingy as you would want to go. She also has a line of bling’d out leopards that are reminiscent of Cartier. She has an incredible eye for what “now” calls for, but you’ll be able to wear her designs for years to come. Hope you enjoy! xoxo

Barbara Martelo

I came across this great stylist for Vogue Spain. Her name is Barbara Martelo. She has amazing style and falls along the same feminine edge I talked about in my previous blog. What makes her style work is that she wears one statement piece and keeps the rest of her simple. She loves her jackets and the one designer she’s partial to is Balmain. VERY expensive but I guess being a stylist for Vogue Spain helps.

BTW notice her leather leggings, I’m still loving them for fall 2010….xoxo