Hollywood Living…

I was looking through some of my old photographs, specifically home photos, and came across Rachel Zoe‘s former residence.  I believe she has recently moved to a high rise, but nevertheless I love the look and feel of her previous home.  

Rachel has amazing style.  She really was the trend setter in bringing back, what was worth of, the 70’s.  The long grecian dresses with the arm full of bangles was perfection.  So I wouldn’t expect her home to be any different.  Some of my favorite features are, the zebra skin on the floor of her office.  I love that edgy feel with the modern Eames chair at her desk.  Also, the floor to ceiling windows that swing open are so beautiful and so much more interesting than sliding glass doors.  Her home definitely reflects her impeccable style and the peace and serenity she constantly yearns for.   I hope you enjoy looking at the photos.  xoxo 


I normally don’t blog about menswear.  Not because I don’t like too, but I find that mens fashions don’t really change all that much from season to season.  Although suits are updated and shirts every few years have their standouts, men have basically five pieces that they buy over and over again; suits, dress shirts, jeans and tee’s, and sweaters.  They’re lucky that way and lets face it, a guy that knows more or obsesses about fashion more than you do…not so attractive!

With that being said, I came across a great dress shirt designer while walking on Wall St.  His name is Thomas Pink.  It’s actually 3 Irish brothers that started the company.  They are a london based company that has now branched out into the U.S.  To the touch his shirts are extremely soft and light, and just by looking at them, they offer an understated sophistication.  My favorites are the check’s and stripes.  Whether worn under a suit or with a pair of jeans, your guy is sure too look like a CEO.  They also offer a women’s line for you corporate girls.  Get those guys looking hot!   xoxo

I’m back!

Well I’m back and I had an amazing time.  New York Cityhas an energy that no other city has.  With it’s mix of people and the sophistication it holds, it made it very difficult to come home.

I spent a lot of time people watching and trying to figure out why Los Angeles and New York are so different in regards to style and fashion.  And what I came up with is New Yorkers tend to dress depending on the elements outside.  Los Angeles has the ease of good weather basically 11 months out of the year.  We may have 1 month, total through out the year, that we have hard rain, or really hot weather.  So that makes it very predictable and very easy to dress.  Angeleno’s like their color, their make-up and their stilettos.  Although there’s nothing wrong with that, I find it sometimes to be a little much, a little overdone.

New Yorkers tend to be a lot more understated, and because “their legs are made for walking”, their wardrobe choices are made with comfort in mind.  Now, I’m only talking about day to day living.  This is not taking into account work attire.  That is a different mind set altogether.

Fresh faces and comfortable flats dominated the streets.  On the hot summer like days I saw a lot of leggings with long, doubled up tanks.  Hair had natural waves or an effortless ponytail.

It was refreshing to see people enjoying their company and their meals without seeing people looking around wondering who’s looking at them.  I love the human contact that New York forces you to have, at the same time I love the raw emotions that the city forces you to use.  It’s a city that can break you down but that sense of knowing that you are alive is priceless.  xoxo

Room Re-do

I’m starting to think about re-doing my son’s room.  He’s coming up on 2 years old and he’ll soon be transitioning into a “big boy” bed.  With so many choices out there I don’t want to do a room that’s too gimmicky.  I don’t want a race car bed or spider man sheets.  But at the same time, I want him to have a room that he’ll have hours of fun in and a style that reflects who he is.  I’ve come across two websites that I love.  2Modern and Modern Seed. They’re websites that are very contemporary but with fun designs and bold colors.  With all the options that these websites offer, I’m confident i’ll be able to find that compromise of chic, cool and loads of fun.  I’ll keep you posted…xoxo

Slouchy, Skinny…

Lately i’ve been living in my destroyed, super slouchy skinny jean.  They’re incredibly comfy yet totally cool.  Think of the boyfriend jean that actually fits a girl.  They’re slouchy up top and starts to tapper down the leg till it cuffs the ankle.  They really look great with a David Lerner organic tee and a pair of your favorite Louboutin’s.  Current Elliott has had a lot of press lately with celebrities claiming them as “their favorites”.  And I’m no different.  Their skinny, slouchy jean is one of the best on the market and they’re sure to become your favorite too.  xoxo

It Girl…Gaia Repossi

The new it girl is Gaia Repossi.  Anyone who appears in two magazines in one month has to be that girl.  Gaia appears in the new June/July Harper’s Bazaar.  She’s part of the Repossi jewelry family and just recently has started designing her own jewelry line with her friend Eugenie Niarchos (sister of Stavros).  For the fall she collaborated with Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra for their upcoming lines.  She’s living quite a life.  She’s definitely one to watch.  xoxo

Chanel Jumbo

I’ve been asked quite a bit lately whether the price hike for the Chanel Jumbo flap is worth it.  My answer to this is yes and no.  For those of you that don’t know, Chanel has been raising their prices every February for many years now.  This last February, they raised the price of the jumbo flap (caviar leather) to just over $3000.  That’s pretty steep, and in all honestly spending more than $50 bucks on a piece of leather is ridiculous!  But, like so many of you, I love this bag.  So back to my answer, if you love it I say go for it.  It’s a classic bag that you’ll literally wear till you die.  If you’re on the fence, I say no.  Just like with anything, if you don’t LOVE it, it’ll sit in your closet and rot (not really).  Regardless of what you decide, there are plenty of bags out there that’ll express your individuality.  Good luck!…xoxo