Faking Perfection…

Perfect skin is one of those strives that’s a constant.  We can’t watch 15 minutes of television or go more than 4 pages in a magazine, before we’re hit with complexion promoting make-up.  I’m the first to tell you that half the battle with “perfect” skin are genes.  You can thank your parents for the skin you have, good or bad.  But, with that said, there are tricks and products that help in the illusion of that perfect glow.

The first two steps that allow for a clean canvas are 1) Exfoliate and 2) Moisturize.  It’s really important to not have flaky, old skin underneath any type of make-up.  Not only does it age you, but having a smooth palate will help the make up glide and stay on.

3) Use a dewy, cream foundation.  Stay away from matte or shimmery formulas.  They usually accentuate problems we have, like: fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.  Always apply foundation with a brush and only to areas where it’s needed.  For example, red cheeks that need taming or uneven skin tone.

4) Concealer is another ally.  Again, apply only to the areas that may have really dark spots or visible veins.  But keep in mind, the natural imperfections are what makes us unique and beautiful.

5) Bronzing powder to accentuate bone structure and a light pink or peach to the cheeks is the last step.  Be light on the strokes, and apply to the apples of the cheek, the chin and forehead.  Make-up should be used to enhance beauty, not make us look like a bad drag queen.  xoxo

High Heels May Be Hazardous…

A recent study came out (by a comfy shoe company, btw) that stated, wearing heels more than 3 inches high increases our chances of falling and sustaining injury.  Well…I don’t think this is telling us anything we didn’t already know.  Speaking from experience, I don’t wear heels because they’re comfortable, I wear them because i’m height impaired and I want to give the illusion that i’m a supermodel!

Lately, there’s been a lot of press in regards to who is “king” of the high heels.  After a long reign of just being considered a conservative, classic shoe, it looks like Manolo Blahnik is making his way back to the throne.  Regardless of who you find to be more wearable or “comfortable”, if you’re going to be traipsing in 6 inch heels, at least have someone next to you to pick you up off of floor;).   xoxo

Mommy Chic…

This last week The New York Times had an article on how mom’s are dressing “designer” to take their kids to school.  The days of dressing in sweats or even in yoga gear, are no longer acceptable.  The article went on to describe the different boroughs of New York, and depending on where your child goes to school, determines the style of your dress.  Although the West Coast might be a bit more laid back, I definitely see a rise in consciousness when putting clothes together.  Either way, it’s always a good thing to feel good about yourself, so if dressing up does that for you, I say go for it! xoxo

Claudia and Elle after dropoff

Crazy for Plaid!…

Lately, as the weather has begun to stay cold, I’ve obviously been reaching for warmer fabrics.  Along with cashmere sweaters and the abundance of scarves, I find myself yearning for some plaid.  Plaid screams Fall.  I’ve recently come across JCrew’s blazer with leather elbow cutouts.  I find it to be so wearable, not only for right now, but also for seasons to come.  Plaid tends to be much more conservative than how I choose to dress, but paired with a distressed skinny or leather leggings there’s enough contradiction to make it amazing.  xoxo

JCrew Plaid Blazer….Net-A-Porter
It’s even cool on a chair

Fall Back…

I find shoulders and backs incredibly sexy on women.  I love the understated sex appeal that can comes from a beautiful backless dress, or that 80’s flashdance sweatshirt, that you know we’ve all had or continue to wear.  The trick to showing skin is not showing too much.  Working with proportions is so important.  It’s again the yin and yang that allows for different trends to work.  Either way choice pieces that make you feel beautiful and not making excuses for being a sexy woman.  xoxo                          Photos provided by The Sartorialist and Hanneli