Round and Round

We’re starting to see a shift in eyewear.  Aviator’s have long been a staple, not only in my wardrobe, but in street style in general.  Last year the cat eye shape seemed to take center stage, and now oversized round have circled their way back to feeling modern.  Although I’m not a huge fan of sunglasses overtaking the face, I am liking the classic shift back to Jackie O.  xoxo

Color Me Red!

Spring 2012 Jason Wu

Red seems to be the color of the moment, and why not, it’s vibrant, sexy and universally flattering.  The multitude of different shades makes it friendly for the majority of skin tones.  During spring fashion week, designers like Jason Wu showed the beauty of red in vibrant lip colors.  From blondes to brunettes, the red was stunning.

Last night at the Oscars was no different.  Michelle Williams and Emma Stone were stand outs in their variations of red.   There were countless other actors that showed their sassy side in the scarlet color.  Spring may be all about pastels, but I think it’s safe to say, you can pull out your red jeans for one more season.  xoxo

Salma Hayek

Kate Hudson

Diane Kruger

One of my faves, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Style Maker, London Edition

Right after New York fashion week, comes London fashion week.  LFW tends to be a bit more edgy and daring.  A little more “clownish” than classic, IMO (in my opinion.)  The same is true with London street style.  There are no rules with the amount of patterns, jewelry and eccentricities that are worn.  I, myself, am not a huge fan of wearing stripes, houndstooth and florals all at the same time, but sprinkling a bit of edge will add some fun without feeling ridiculous.

One of my favorite “style stars” is Olivia Palermo.  She manages to always stay in that pocket of sophisticated-edge.  She looks like the classy socialite that she is, but never boring or predictable.  Her appearances and LFW kept true to her style and along with her amazing closet, she has an unbelievable complexion.  What’s your secret Olivia?…xoxo

Image source…

Image source…Harper’s Bazaar

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Fuzzy Wuzzy!

10 Crosby, Derek Lam

I’m not sure if this is a testament to changing (out of recession) times, but fur was everywhere during fashion week.  Everyone from Michael Kors to Derek Lam (and everyone else in between) showed fur in their collections.  Not to mention stylists, fashion editors and bloggers all showing off their furry little friends.  Obviously no one really likes to think where all this fur comes from, but there really is a cool factor in the “unkept chic” of fur.  I personally would like fur to stop in production, keep what we already have out in the streets and wear it freely.  Either way there are some amazing alternatives in keeping with the fuzzy trend.  xoxo

Anna Wintour during fall fashion week

A little much, but okay…

What They Wore, NY Edition

Jenny Lyons…One of the highlights of the week.

Fashion week always carries two parts to it’s craziness.  What’s going on inside of Lincoln Center, and what’s happening on the outside.  It’s no secret that street style is the most fun to watch walk by.  Garance Dore, Jak and Jil and The Sartorialist have made this fact evident.  Individuality is expressed in a multitude of ways, but being part of a society that requires us to wear clothes, our choices in fashion (good or bad) make us unique by default.  This past week didn’t disappoint.  Whether you were “in” or “out”, there was definitely a lot of individuality shinning.  xoxo

Elin Kling

Sylvana Ward Durrett

Hanneli Mustaparta

Olivia Palermo

That’s a Wrap

Photo by Jason Kempin

New York fashion week has come to a close.  I’m sure that there are some very exhausted designers, and once the high wears off from the marathon week…have to start all over again.  There were some pretty amazing and not so amazing presentations.  A couple of pleasant surprises, for me, were Skaist-Taylor and Rachel Zoe.  Obviously these three women are incredibly talented, but with the pressure (self inflicted i’m sure) of coming out with something new and innovative, after having so much commercial success, can be daunting.  But of course, they didn’t disappoint.  A few other faves like DVF, Proenza Schouler and Tory Burch, were not only strong, but feminine.

Fashion week is always exciting and glamorous from the outside, but the endless hours put forth by so many working parts makes it one of the most grueling professions out there.  With that said, the love of fashion always prevails.  xoxo


Rachel Zoe

Proenza Schouler

Tory Burch