No Fuss, Bed Head

I don’t know if it’s common practice not to use a brush to comb your hair, but  I personally never take a hair brush out to groom.  So I guess by default I walk around with “bed head” consistently.  The pulling and ripping of hair follicles out of my scalp is not one that I find physically pleasing.  With that said, I do find an unkept/kept head of hair sexy.

Not everyone has enough natural body to just leave their hair alone.  There’s no doubt that styling “no fuss” hair takes a bit of work.  Usually the best time to do this is the day you wash your hair.  Dry and style as usual, adding finger curls sprayed with hair spray.  Once you’ve added body, try to leave it alone.  The more you play with your hair, the more the natural oils from your hands settle in it.  Which weighs your hair down over time.  Finding a product that will allow you to refresh your hair in the morning is key.  Unfortunately trial and error is the only way to find the product that works best for you.  Don’t work so hard, keep it loose and relaxed.  Summer is the best time of year to just let go.  xoxo

Love the ease of a pulled back chignon.

Ripping it Up!

Denim seems to always be having a moment.  Whether it’s the style of the jean or the color, slight changes every season make them a wardrobe staple.  Lately ripped up “hole-y” jeans, are in their moment.  During fashion week distressed denim was seen on a variety of fashionistas.  Pants, shorts even denim skirts were ripped to shreds.  I actually like this trend.  Although it can sometimes look and feel disheveled, pairing your 90’s trend with a classic opposite, grounds it back to fashionable earth.  Tweed, silk blouses and lots of arm candy is a fun and sassy option to styling grunge.  xoxo


FYI…Denim jackets are having a moment as well.


Photos provided by Vogue, Tommy Ton

Close to The Vest

We definitely know it’s Spring, 75 degrees one day, 55 the next. Wearing transitional pieces is key during this time of year.  Although full coats aren’t really necessary, cool nights still make it a must for a cover up.  That’s why I’m loving vest’s at the moment.  I find them easy to wear and they give just the right amount of warmth during the mild drops in temps. The options seem to be endless, fur, denim, military, even knitwear can be found in a vest cut.  Either way mix and match and try something new.  xoxo


Summer Steppin

On my latest trip to New York, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Habitually Chic.  Heather mentioned that she had seen this latest version of a [ballet] flat in the Bergdorf Goodman catalog.  So of course, being that flats are my go to shoe, I had to check them out for myself.  Designed by Charles Philip, the Shanghai shoe is actually quite chic.  Not only are they comfortable, they come in all kinds of colors and patterns.  Best of all their price ranges from $135-$185, very do-able for a season.  Although I didn’t come home with a pair, I’ll probably jump on the “Shanghai” express.  One word of caution, they’re not the shoe that will repel dirt.  Made mainly of viscose silk, they’re sure to wear quickly.  xoxo

Not Just For Gym

A staple in my wardrobe has to be a grey sweatshirt.  This gym favorite is completely versatile and easy to wear.  I’ve literally worn a sweatshirt out that I was laying around in an hour earlier.  Leather pants, mini’s, colored skinnies and even sequins look flawless and effortless paired with a sweatshirt.  Isabel Marant, A.P.C, even JCrew has come out with their version of a chic sweatshirt.  Whether you’re into tie dye, cashmere or prints, you really can’t go wrong, just keep the holes for the gym.  xoxo

Editor, Taylor Tomasi Hill

JCrew cashmere…$250

Isabel Marant sweatshirt…$280

Chinti and Parker cashmere sweater…$545

A.P.C animal print…$135