Psychology of Fashion?

Does what we wear affect our state of mind?  Can our outfit alter how we approach and interact with the world?  According to a recent study published in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, subjects that wore coats [supposedly] from doctors, performed better on tests than those dressed in street clothes, or those who thought that their coat was from an artist.  There’s no doubt that wearing beautiful fabrics and having designers items can makes us feel “good.”  But how deeply rooted are these thoughts that they can affect our cognitive process?  Apparently there is a name for it, enclothed cognition.  If our brain thinks that intelligent, powerful women dress in a certain designer, we are more likely to take on those characteristics when wearing that designer.  Isn’t that crazy!?

Honestly, it’s all just too psychological for me.  I try not to take it that seriously.  Here’s my process, I like it, I buy it, I wear it.  Psychological or not, we all need clothes so that we’re not walking the streets naked.  Wether you’re drawn to Gucci or Target, try not to make  choices off of perceptions of what types of people are wearing what designers.  I may need a head shrink for the many monkeys I have in my head, but for how I’m shopping?…. I may just be creating a better version of myself. LOL That’s what I’ll tell my husband.  xoxo

Beautiful, intelligent, impeccably dressed fashionistas:

Kate Davidson

Zanna Roberts and Taylor Tomasi Hill

Olivia Palermo

Giovanna Battaglia

Anything Goes!

These days when it comes to fashion and style, anything seems to go.  Neon, glitter, color blocking, stripes, prints, even flaming shoes have all managed to show up somewhere in the fashion realm.  Some may think it’s a compilation of crap, other’s think that it’s all a stroke of genius.  Either way individual style is being expressed in many forms.  Some of the get-ups make me scratch my head, but the one thing I admire is the confidence that a fashionista has to wear an egg on her head.  There are lessons learned everywhere and fashion is no different.  Be happy and make no excuses.  xoxo

Beauty Trends 2012

It’s true what they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” If we follow beauty trends from season to season, we’d go from bold brows to naked foreheads, from glittered lips to lined blow fish pouts, from clown cheeks to goth faces. The true trend is what you wear well.

It’s nice to know the season trends in case you’re up for a change and something catches your eye. But most of the time you are your best eye. If a trend goes to far out of your normal everyday scope, it’s probably not one you want to follow. Keep day looks simple and feminine. You can’t go wrong with a soft pallet of colors and moisturized skin and lips. For evening going bold can be sexy, but stay away from too much of anything. Smokey eyes AND red lips, really only does well on the stage. They only way of mastering make up is like anything else…Practice, Practice, Practice. Have fun! xoxo

Bright lips, red, fuschia or otherwise is a big trend. Keep eyes neutral.

Full brows are the way to go. Even if you have to fill them in a bit. My girl ^ eyebrow guru Anastasia Soare

Tonal cheeks. Soft peaches and pinks is femininity at it’s best.

Winged cat eye is a trend that takes lots of practice.

Doll lashes made themselves known. Luckily there are mascara’s for this.

And of course the infamous smokey eye…could be dangerous.

Lazy Sunday!

Of all the days of the week, Sunday for me is my favorite.  I’ve always categorized them as lazy, fun days.  Getting up late for breakfast, walking our dogs at the beach and early evening dinners with friends, was always the norm.  Although the last couple years haven’t been sooo relaxed, (difficult to sleep in with a 3 year old who’s up at the crack of dawn) I still love the slower pace of Sunday.

This is also true when getting dressed.  Casual, understated items are always ideal.  Comfy cashmere, soft denim and no fuss hair keeps this low key day simple.  It’s the one day that being fresh faced and natural is completely acceptable.  Happy Sunday! xoxo

Olivia, for me, can do no wrong!

Minus the heels for Sunday!

Still loving denim on denim

Colored denim is obviously still here!

Love this look.  I’d pair the jeans with flats for a Sunday lounge.

Coachella 2012

Coachella is about to enter into it’s second weekend.  Some call it an overrated Woodstock, other’s love to go and experience the freedom of a music festival.  Regardless of what category you fall into, I think it’s safe to say that dressing the part is important.  A music festival in the desert comes with it’s unpredictable weather.  It can literally be a 100 degrees one day and flash floods the next.  Packing for the unexpected can keep you from looking like a drowned rat.  Regardless of the shorts, jackets or boots you may pack, let yourself go and have fun in the moment.  xoxo

Highlights from Coachella 2012

A floppy hat and jumpsuit are definite Coachella musts.