Night Cap

Color blocking, as we know, became a huge trend and now we see shoes taking a lesson in blocking.  Recently Gwyneth [Paltrow] was photographed wearing a great pair of teal pumps with a silver toe cap.  Although not technically “color blocking”, the silver cap gives the same affect.  Not only are they cute, but it’s a trendy change to the ever conservative pump.  Chanel has been doing color blocked pumps and flats for decades, so it’s nice to know that a trendy purchase now can recycle itself in the future.  xoxo

Gwyneth looking amazing

Spring 2012 

Embellished with studs and stones 

Old Navy flats.  Doesn’t cost a fortune to achieve a trend.

Thought I’d throw in a Flashy backsides 

Earning Your Stripes!

I went in today to have my eyebrows done, (Anastasia Beverly Hills)  Alex worked on me, and she looked so cute in her summer ensemble.  Although what she had on was nothing “new”, she still looked incredibly cute in her bright red skinnies and a blue nautical striped top.  It made me think that even though we’ve seen stripes, consistently, for the past 3 or more years, shopping our closets is always the way to go.

With Memorial Day right around the corner, highlighting stripes, I thought, would be appropriate.  Fashion icons like Jane Birkin and Jacqueline Kennedy, to present day fashionistas Gwyneth Paltrow and Olivia Palermo, all have and continue to look amazing in their yacht worthy stripes.  You may have a few pieces buried in your closet from season’s past, and now it’s their time to set sail again!  Happy Memorial Day! xoxo

Olivia P…again!

Jane Birkin

Tommy Ton

Gwyneth Paltrow

Tommy Ton

Kate Moss



The Short of it!

There’s seems to be a new “sheriff” in town…and short is her name.  Shorts are making their way back into being a wardrobe staple..  Long, short, denim or colored, it doesn’t matter.  It all works.

I’m always on the fence whether I feel comfortable wearing shorts or not.  It’s kind of one of those things that I like them better when I see someone else wearing a pair.  For me, shredded vintage levi’s are the most I venture out when it comes to shorts, but I do love a polished trend.  There’s something quite appealing to a bare leg and a barely there sandal.  Especially on those extremely hot days where sticky clothes are incredibly uncomfortable not to mention never attractive.  Go easy on the purchase this season.  Between maxi skirts, cropped colored pants and flirty dress, one maybe two is all you need.  Looking forward to summer! xoxo

Horrible shoes, but the denim with sequin is a great look.

Olivia P seems to always get it right.

Summer Whites!

Summer is the perfect time to wear white.  There’s nothing that says chic and relaxed more than a crisp pair of pants.  Well, in theory anyway.  Come spring and summer clients start asking me my opinion on white jeans.  I personally love them, but in all honesty not everyone can pull off a white, [let alone] light jean.  White in general is pretty unforgiving.  Every curve or bump can be accentuated a little more than maybe we’d like.  Doesn’t mean though that finding the perfect fit is impossible.

Fabric plays a huge role.  The thinner the jean the more likely it is to see imperfections. Stay away from too much fabric.  Bunched up fabric in white looks sloppy and makes the silhouette appear bigger.  Tops that are a bit longer and simpler look great with any of the skinny cropped trends.  Blazers are a perfect pairing for any summer color, bright to light.  Be bold.  xoxo

Aerin Lauder looks beautiful.

Elle wears white jeans often.

Karolina Kurkova

Gwyneth too wears white, day or night.


Emmanuelle Alt

Kate Moss


Last Dance

When I heard of Donna Summer’s passing, not only was it a shock, but I was truly saddened by the end of an era that was so abruptly taken.  Her music was contagiously alive.  Whether at a wedding, a club or the hours (I) spent in a dance studio training to her music, you can’t help but smile and let go.

There’s no doubt that the 70’s brought the most growth to fashion and style.  The sexiness and liberation of the 70’s woman is still reflected today.  Rachel Zoe built an empire on recreating the era.

Although it’s always unsettling when a death of a giant happens, it’s comforting to know that their legacy lives on.  RIP Donna.  xoxo

Bianca Jagger

Derek Lam, recreating his vision of the 70’s.

Olivia Palermo a couple of months ago.


Nailing It

Mani/Pedi’s, to me, have always kind of been a necessary evil.  No doubt that sitting back and having a relaxing 40 minutes is a welcome break to the day, but am I the only one that constantly panics thinking that fungus is going to take over my existence?  I love a freshly done manicure.  Short, cuticle free nails has an almost freeing effect.  The bummer is that’s it’s an ongoing process that at the 10 day mark dragon nails start appearing, not making for a cute look.

Nail art and colors have come a long way.  Not only is it an easy way to show your personality, but nails have become their own fashion statement.  Recently the “accent” nail has become another choice in the infinite possibility process.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  Anything in your early 20’s is cute, but start getting into your 30’s, and it can begin to look a little wrong.  Either way it’s not a permanent decision.  Maybe adding a little leopard while giving the finger won’t look so offensive.  xoxo

FYI, Not a good look!^