Making a Statement

Statement pieces are and have been making their mark.  From over the top accessories to a variety of mix and match prints, making a statement has never been so easy.  Personally, I love the individuality and the anything goes attitude of pairing any print, any bold accessory with basically any item chosen.  But, keep in mind that although it may look like a free for all, there are rules in the chaos.  When trying to figure out how far to push out of your comfort zone, stay true to your esthetic but be bold in your choices.  Have fun! xoxo

Love the Marni polka dots and the Prada Necklace would look great with a tee and denim.

Love the yellow with a simple tank and again a statement accessory.

You really can’t go wrong with Chanel.  Bold prints are great for summer.

Again, statement accessories…bold necklace with bold bright sunglasses.

Definitely a statement with the crown-esque jewels.

Home Sweet Home

Just recently it was announced that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin purchased a house in LA.  Well, pictures have surfaced and it’s absolutely beautiful.  The Windsor house, designed by Windsor Smith, is an amazing concept house in the canyons of Los Angeles.  Although Gwyneth probably won’t keep the furnishings as they are, the details of the house are enough to make anyone swoon.

The reclaimed floors through out the house, the walls of endless windows and doors, and the most beautiful kitchen with it’s character of modern/rustic, is perfection.  When I look at their grounds of greenery, pebbled driveway and cozy patio sections, it makes me excited for the day that we can bring our vision to fruition in a home.  Enjoy! xoxo




It’s sale season, and the reason for it?, room needs to made for pre-fall…isn’t that crazy!? NYC hit 99 degrees today, we hit 80 (LA) and the rest of the country is in a heat advisory warning.  Thinking about pre-fall leggings, sweaters and jackets, is nothing appealing.  But picking up pieces that we can wear now, layer later (fall) and possibly bring back out in the spring, is bonus at 50% off.  Be smart with your choices.  What’s your closet missing?  Shopping sales is only worth it when finding classic gems.  xoxo

Love these YSL crepe poppy print shorts.  Layered with tights and a cashmere sweater will take these straight into fall.

Carven printed mini looks great paired with a dark denim shirt.

We can always use a pair of flats.  Alexander McQueen leopard print.

Cute little cotton dress is easy peasy…By Zoe

Sigerson Morrison is always a classic.

Paired with shorts, skinnies, skirts…Blouses make an easy addition to any wardrobe.  Parker top.

No Way, $13,000!?

I read today that Cle de Peau is celebrating their 30th anniversary.  To commemorate this event they are releasing 3 jars of cream worth $13,000 each.  Are they for real!?  Apparently the jars will be made out crystals and platinum.  I’m all for spending money on preserving skin, but this just seems way too over the top.  As The Cut pointed out, the jar costs more than a facelift.

So I’m going to let you in on a cheap little secret I love.  I keep coming back to it and costs only $25, bonus!  It’s called Protect and Perfect by Boots No7.  It’s sold at Target, and when you can find it, buy it!  Let me know what you think.  xoxo

Happy Father’s Day

Dad’s, actually men in general, seem to have a better grip these days on fashion and style.  Long gone are the days of ill fitting pants and hula dancing hawaiian shirts.  Although it might still be the choice for a few dad’s out there, it’s not a good look.

Men don’t have quite the selection women do, or really care as much to what’s in their closets, but there’s always an opportunity to update with a few key pieces.  Either way, I guess it really doesn’t matter.  A dad is a dad no matter what they turn up looking like.  When my dad showed up to a restaurant one night in a hawaiian shirt, white plaid pants and what looked like birkenstock’s (no lie!) it made for a good laugh.  My mom’s response to my dad’s thought out ensemble, “you look like a F—-ing disaster!”  Good times!…Happy Father’s Day.  xoxo

A nice cardigan and jeans is a great casual, polished choice.

Every closet needs a leather jacket.

Dress shirt, jeans and cashmere…personal fave!

Tom doesn’t always hit the mark, but a wool coat or trench is a classic must have.

What’s Your Accent?

I love accent colors.  Whether in your home or wardrobe, pops of color add life and personal style to any space.  What’s great about adding accents is that you are never married to one color.  Depending on the mood or season, adding, editing or just rearranging brings in a whole different vibe.  Flowers are always the easiest in making a space different, but covering chairs, changing pillows or creating art are all cost effective, style building ways of making your space unique.  With summer just a week away try bringing in a little heat from the outside.  xoxo

Love the turquoise door

Orange is always a happy color

A small pillow can make a huge impact

Green is so chic

Even just a small bouquet of fresh flowers makes for a beautiful space.  Photograph by Habitually Chic.