Chap My Hide!

At the beginning of the year I came across a pair of jeans that I was completely obsessed over.  They were a hybrid of half leather chap, half blue denim.  I scoured the internet trying to find my size but I was too late.  It seemed like everyone else was onto the secret earlier than me. I put the obsessing on the back burner and continued on with life.  During the spring I went on a girls outing and found a pair.  They were black denim instead of blue, but that didn’t matter, I was like a lion salivating over it’s prey. (not really, but it sounds good ;))  Nevertheless they didn’t have my size and lets just say I left disappointed.  Low and behold I was on the ShopBop website earlier this week and I FOUND THEM!  They even had my size.  I know what you’re thinking, I must have bought them right then and there.  Well, I didn’t.  I saved them in my cart, took a breath and stepped away from my computer for 3 days.  I wanted to see if I loved them as much as I conditioned myself too.  Well, I did and I pushed the button.  My obsession with them continued, and what I’ve learned about myself and shopping, is that my first gut reaction is usually the right one.  And, whats the risk?  If I look like I’m walking on my knees….they’ll go back!  xoxo

Oh, by the way, they’re R13 leather chap jean

Not Just Casual Fridays!

Being from L.A. casual style has always been our dress code.  Angeleno’s have been looked down upon because flip flops usually takes precedence over Jimmy [Choo.] Even though fashionistas like to throw daggers at L.A’s style, I think the rest of the world is hearing our casual call.  That doesn’t mean sweatpants, scrunchies and birkenstock’s, but an understated elegance seems to be the wave of the future.

Street style is a huge source of individual inspiration and busy day to day living requires casual, comfortable street wear.  With so many of us multitasking from wife to mother to business women, our closets need to reflect our everyday lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to dress like it was fashion week everyday, but the call of morning drop off is a little more like it.  xoxo

I love leather with just about anything.

A grey sweatshirt is a staple in my wardrobe.

This dark blue chambray is perfection.

Everyone needs a military inspired something!

A blazer, a tee and denim is my go to.

An old ratty college tee is easily brought to life under a white blazer.



Time for FNO!

It’s hard to believe that Vogue’s annual Fashion’s Night Out event is a little over a week away.  The world’s biggest fashion party is on Thursday September 6th. Designers and retailers all over world come together on one night to celebrate fashion and raise money for New York City Aids.  It’s a great event to get the girls together, shop, drink and basically celebrate life.  FNO t-shirts and tote bags are colorful and cute this year.  So even if you can’t make it out, sharing in the excitement is just a click away.  Hope to see you there! xoxo

Leandra Medine, Man Repelling it!

Top Shelf

When it comes to face cleaners I’m a gentle, non abrasive girl.  Cetephil is my all time favorite skin saver.  Regardless of what I try (get suckered into), I seem to always go back to the drug store hit.  With that said, I’ve found another cult favorite that’s fast becoming a go to for me.  Eve Lom makes an amazing cleaner that when used with a muslin cloth, skin comes out glowing.  They’ve recently released a morning cleasner that I find incredibly user friendly for the sheer fact that it comes out of a squeeze bottle.  It’s extremely gentle and leaves just the right amount of oil to glow but not breakout.  The only draw back is at $60 a bottle it’s an expensive addiction.  Keep in mind Cetephil still rocks.  xoxo

Morning cleanser that I use morning and night.

Always a winner, especially at $12.

Kate Hudson has amazing skin and Eve Lom is a favorite.

Blooming Peplum

Peplum skirts and tops having been blooming since spring.  I find them so pretty and feminine and easy to edge up by adding leather and/or skinnies.  Although I find these peplum’s lovely, the flattering factor over a size 2 could be a little harsh.

Peplum tops are a bit easier to wear as they do cover more belly than accentuate it, but skirts could be a different story.  Adding volume to an area that already has enough, could look like two pit bulls fighting behind you. 😉  Either way, I try to go for pretty rather than just trendy, H&M has got to have some posh(y) peplum’s.  xoxo


We’ve had crazy humidity lately, and it doesn’t make for good hair days.  Ponytails, hats, and scarves are must haves to cover up the cotton ball frizz that starts happening.  The best way to deal with unruly hair is finding products that allow for low maintenance, maintenance.

Beach hair is a favorite of mine, but it takes a bit of effort to look effortless.  Finding products that add volume, shine and texture is a must.  Once you find the magic potion, it’s easy peasy.  Achieving good volume without becoming “crunchy” takes mixing a few products together.  I hate to say it, but trial and error is the only way to find what works best.  A couple of products I like, not necessarily worn together are:

1) Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray…Be careful with the amount used, too much will leave you with a birds nest.

Grooming creme and/or straightening creme work well before the spray.  But again it’s learning how much or if at all, needed.

2) Another great product is Oribe’s Apres Beach Wave and Shine spray.  This product may be all you need, or layered with another one.

Try not to spend too much money when looking for product that works with your hair type. Honestly, go to the beach and put some ocean water in a spritzer bottle.  That in it of itself may be all you need.  xoxo

On The Run

After being away for two weeks and walking for what seems like 5000 miles, I need a break from all hard shoes.  I’m running towards my Nike’s and Converse, and honestly they’re just as relevant as my Louboutin’s.  They’re easy and comfortable and the mass selection of colors makes for a fun way to show your personality.  From shorts to leather leggings, ten(ees) make for another funky alternative.  Happy friday. xoxo

Here’s a Prada bag again!


With color taking center stage lately, my eye is being pulled to a softer, more feminine side.  I’m really loving blushes and off whites heading into fall.  Yes I know, it’s the reds, burgundies and browns that are ruling for the upcoming season, but femininity is ruling my heart.

I’m a huge fan of masculine/feminine looks, and blushes and white’s are easily paired with edgy accessories to achieve a downtown vibe.  Play around with leather, boots and boyfriend blazers to bring some grounding into an airy look.  xoxo

Soft white fur with leather leggings…perfection!

Love blush and white with grey.