Wrap it Up

It’s chilly chilly!  And here on the west coast layering is our best friend.  One minute it’s 50 degrees, then 70 the next.  One of my favorite pieces is a scarf.  With so many different fabrics, scarves are as warm, or not, as we need them to be.  And along with temperature control, chicness comes by default.  So wether worn to cover a bad hair day or just to cover up from the cold, invest in a good wrap, it will last you decades.  Btw, they make great gifts.  xoxo





Between black friday, small business Saturday and cyber Monday, I’m pretty much exhausted and “over” the holidays before they’ve even begun.  But, this is the time of year where we can show a little appreciation with small tokens of love to special people in our lives.  Gift giving can be totally overwhelming and with not knowing what someone really needs or want’s, it can sometimes be frustrating and exhausting.  Here’s my little list of goodies that anyone would be happy to receive.  Happy shopping!  xoxo

Candles always seem to be a hit.  These by Diptyque not only smell great but look cool in any home…$60

Jennifer Meyer jewelry is so cute and she has a wide range in pricing.  This cute wishbone bracelet can be layered or worn alone…$250

Love anything from Smythson.  Anyone into journaling will fall in love their accessories…$135

For someone more on that “special” side, this cool Marni fold over clutch would make any heart flutter…On sale $1139

Someone with a sense of humor would love this IPad case by Moschino…$85

I’m a huge fan of throws and these “Richard Nixon” throws by Jonathan Adler are amazing…$295

Some chocolate chip cookies with an amazing note will always do the trick for me…;)


Caped Crusader

It’s chilly chilly outside and sometimes I want to feel more cozy than fashion forward.  I think capes give us the best of both worlds.  I love the cocoon shaped wrap, it not only adds warmth with it’s cozy blanket like drape, but it’s completely chic today, tomorrow and 10 years from now.  What’s great about capes is that they can be worn with anything from dresses to the perpetual coffee run sweat pants.  And lately with so many fashionistas wearing over the shoulder coats, (which are totally unpractical btw) a cape gives the same effect without the hump back look of trying to keep a coat from falling off.  Anyway, enjoy black friday it’s sure to be a zoo out there.  xoxo


Bluuue Velvet

When I think of Velvet, bad 80’s comes to mind.  But with designers recently releasing cute flats and sophisticated blazers, velvet has a whole new feel.  Velvet is, for sure, a winter fabric.  The dark, brooding vibe of velvet is perfect for those cold, windy days.  Even us in Cali can get away with some velvety love.  Happy Holidays!  xoxo

I’ve used this shot before, but I love the whole look.

It takes a lot of courage to pull this maxi off.

Love the flats.

J Brand has amazing velvet leggings/jeans, and they wear like a girdle.


Put a Sock in It

Being that my 4 1/2 month old puppy ate and swallowed a whole sock, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight socks in fashion.  Yes, it’s getting colder by the day, so if there’s ever a time that socks are more relevant, it’s now.  I’m not sure if it’s my personal style to wear socks with beautiful heels, but maybe the utilitarian purpose of them wins out in the end.  Regardless of whether you’re into them or not, keep the bundles of cashmere and cotton away from your dogs.  It could be a costly mistake.  xoxo

This is more my speed 🙂

All About the Pump

Platform heels have been center stage for what seems like forever, but now the classic pump is gaining some serious speed.  I’m loving the back down to earth approach to heels.  There’s something quite odd in seeing a foot that is 3 inches off the pavement.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a few of those stilts in my closet, but I’m reaching more and more for a grounded approach.

Manolo Blahnik suede BB pump…$595

Boutique 9 Justine Pump…$120


Why So Blue

Rainbow colored eyeliner is making it’s way back onto our eyes.  Back in high school my color of choice was a Christian Dior metallic kelly green that I stole from my mom.  I wore it so often that my boyfriend/husband now, thought my eyes were green instead of the brown they really are. Crazy!  Anyway, back then rainbow inspired make-up seemed to be the norm.  Now we have a more updated version, and when done right can really be a beautiful choice for a night out.

Keep in mind your eye color when choosing shades.  Throwing gold in the mix is also a great pairing with virtually any shade of green, blue, violet and pinky/reds.  Have fun with it when finding your colors.  Buy cheap brands until you find what works for you.  xoxo

Love this eye.

Iconic First Lady

With results coming in from the election, regardless if you’re red or blue, it’s undeniable the iconic style of Jacqueline Kennedy.  Her fashion sense is completely relevant, even today, and her classic being is forever an inspiration.  Enjoy!  xoxo

Although Carolyn Besset Kennedy never made it to the white house…She would of been an amazing first lady.