Head Band(ing)

tumblr_ln198s2BRf1qbzy7oo1_500Anyone that knows me, knows that I love doo-rags (scarves), hats and anything that adds a little twist to the mundane.  And now, I’m really loving headbands.  Not just any headband, but wearing them down across the forehead.  I find it incredibly sexy and a bit unexpected on a classic item.  I know for some of you reliving or even learning about the 60’s isn’t at the top of your list, but play with it, you may just find your inner flower child.  xoxo



Let’s Hear it For the Tank

new-york-fashion-week-balck-white-outfit-stripped-skirt-spring-2013-street-styleLately my obsession has turned to tank tops.  I know at the moment it’s 20 degrees, but tanks keep calling my name.  I love them paired with anything from pencil skirts to leather leggings and everything in between.  I find shoulders to be so sexy on women and add a peek of the upper back and you’ve got a home run.  We still have a couple of months covered up under fabric, but I’m daring to bare sooner rather than later.  xoxo

cph street style76383983631_1fc7b3c1a8_bActress Gwyneth Paltrow dresses down as she exits LAX airport in Los AngelesGwyneth has made tanks her go to staple.

170644273351058914_ygaXW9ed_bCarolyn always looked so chic, even when walking the dog.

In the Nude

sev-tibi-dashing-diva-nyfw-de-32999690From pale lips to nude manicures, the spring trend is making itself known.  I’m a huge fan of subtle colors.  A soft lip allows for bold eyes and clean, earth toned hands is always a welcome change from the dark sultry fall favorites.  As we’re slowly making our way toward spring, I’m finding white manicures fast becoming my go to color.  I know it’s still a little early to begin thinking of frolicking in the spring time fields, but sunny days are fast approaching.  xoxo

Backstage at ChanelBackstage at CHANEL.

Gucci-Spring-2013-beautyGucci Spring 2013 showcased beautiful eyes with nude lips

174655291770006662_DkbivFVv_cA pale, pale pink is not for everyone.  If your skin is more olive bring in more the taupes or pale peaches.

hbz-fall12-nail-trend-Karen-Walker-lgnA good dark manicure is still a go.

hbz-nail-trend-ss13-pale-Dolce-e-Gabb-lgnPale lips and nails at Dolce and Gabbana







stockholm street style backpackA couple of months back the Olsen twins teamed up with artist Damien Hirst and came up with a ridiculously expensive backpack sprinkled with what looks like prescription pills.  At $55,000 I’m not sure who would even want to display this on their back, but it has nonetheless sparked the 90’s trend of wearing backpacks again.  From vintage Louis and Chanel to The Row’s alligator version, backpacks have been resurrected from the dead. I’m not sure that I’ll be following this short living trend, but there are some cool fashionistas that will no doubt rock the pack.  xoxo


olsen-bagAshley Olsen with The Row alligator backpack.  A bargain at $34,000…NOT!

The-Row-Damien-Hirst-Alligator-and-Pill-BackpackThe Row-Damien Hirst backpack

STREETFSNOn the lighter side, I could always raid my 4 year olds school backpack.




Bang Bang

a_4x-horizontal1-e1357918777451-600x442With so much talk about hair parts, we forget that a good bang can be just as amazing.   Hair texture, bone structure and age all have equal bearing when picking hair styles that work for you.  Lately we’ve seen many high profile actors, celebrities and even a princess go for a chopped front.  A few years back I cut some bangs (see about page) and I have to say I like the mysterious, sexiness of hair falling into eyes.  Although bangs can sometimes be a little high maintenance, it’s a great way to change up your vibe.  My only advice is go in with a plan.  Do your research and know exactly what type of bang you like.  Walking out looking like a groomed cocker spaniel isn’t a good look.  xoxo



269512358921374389_qPWadUBi_cimagesThe groomed cocker.

Hello Pussycat

STREETFSNWe’ve worn everything from leopard to cheetah lately and now it’s taken a literal turn.  Charlotte Olympia has created the cutest flats featuring a cat.  She has also made spider webs, but it’s the feline friend that has caused the obsession.  Alexa Chung caused a stir back in early fall wearing her pair and now retailers have new shipments to keep up with the frenzy.  Made in a few different velvety colors they definitely add a pop of personality to anything that you can throw together.  My favorites are the ruby reds, but any color would keep me purring.  xoxo

kitty flats


Press On

cleanse_2-thumb-560x480If Greens 3 Citrus 2 makes any sense to you, then you are well on your way with the juice press craze here in LA.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about let me tell you about the latest phenomenon we call detoxing. Gone are the days everyone used to use these diet pills for teenagers, the era of pressed juice has arrived. Pressed juice has fast become the “it” diet/cleanse. From cleansing the skin to cleansing the soul, a pressed juice detox plan has taken center stage.  I’m not sure if it was Gwyneth who surged the craze, or being that angelenos are always looking for that youthful glow we managed to come up with another off the wall fountain of youth sheme.  In any case, it may be something to try.

 Pressed Juicery is a Brentwood based company that offers a 3 day cleanse strictly with pressed juice.  They deliver, eight 16 fl oz drinks to your doorstep, daily for 3 days.  In return, at the end of the 3 days, we should feel thinner, healthier and detoxed.  Whether or not there is any medically proven benefit from juicing, I don’t know, but I personally know quite a few people that strongly believe in this practice.  I for one haven’t tried it, but if I felt in need of detoxing I definitely would.  xoxo


New Year, New You!?

models-on-the-scene-street-style-L-UXZ2TSNew years is always an ode to new beginnings.  It’s a time to figure out what’s worked for us and what hasn’t.  From personal philosophy, to eye creme, figuring out what works is the key to all different levels of happiness.:)  So, with that said, I’ve put my little list together of items I love and that work for me.  Wether they cycle around to be the “it” item of the moment, or the “not” of the season, they’re my go to pieces that I know can pull me together when I’m having an identity crisis.  So the moral of the story is, find what makes you feel most like you and stick with it.  Nobody can fault you for that.  xoxo

the-row-blazerA great blazer is an easy go to.  I love this one by The Row.

Marni-Embellished-Cashmere-Sweater1Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a grey gym sweatshirt, but this embellished piece by Marni is quickly becoming a favorite.

7b_lbailey_tiw_v_28mar12_lb_btA classic blouse gives just the right amount of feminine polish.  I personally like to go for a vintage piece like the one above…YSL

img-thingA big chunky knit can be thrown over anything from sweats to leather.

73611746Regardless of what type of denim makes it’s way to “it” status, a well fitted skinny jean is always sexy.

Hugo_Boss_Tobis_cropped_pant_by_BOSS_BlackA great alternative to jeans is a black pant.  I like mine cropped, being I’m 5’3.

124wheellop_large_1_camelI can’t do without my trusted leopard flats.  These by Jimmy Choo have a great new shape

IMG_2094A classic pump is timeless and beautiful.

Always be a first-rate person of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else.

–Judy Garland