The Gladiator

gladiatorsandals2008On last weeks cover of The New Yorker, the gladiator sandal was deemed the shoe of SS13.  I find gladiator sandals so cool and easy to wear.  Anything from denim cutoffs to a feminine, “ladies who lunch” dress, gladiators fit the bill.  It seems that lately the over exaggerated, over the knee style has won out in the press, but don’t let that scare you away.  The available styles and colors are endless wether you’re leggy or not.  The only thing is, make sure to shave, stubbles coming out of gladiators was probably only accepted during the roman times. 😉  Happy Weekend! xoxo


Gladiators-467x600image_0101-e136395038452220130321-im-lapazAn Isabel Marant version that is universally flattering.

The Bold and The Beautiful

la-modella-mafia-Color-Block-Chic-model-off-duty-street-style-Purple-and-Turquoise-3Spring 2013 is about being bold.  Color still reigns, but there are other bold choices that are trending in 2013.  Oversized clutches, long trousers in a multitude of colors and exaggerated bubble skirts are definitely my faves.  As I’ve said in the past, it’s a free for all.  So enjoy who you are and let go.  xoxo

milan-street-styleFashion editors during Milan fashion week.

inspired-by-summer-street-style-l-ajugk1Oversized Celine…Love!

main.original.496x564caroline-issaColored trousers are a chic alternative to the colored jeans of the last few seasons.

preetma_GL_28feb11Love this whole look.  Bold and carefree.

bee-15There’s something about yellow that screams Spring!!


Remodel, Re-do!

FrancesJennaLyonspostMy husband and I have finally come to terms with the fact that a small remodel is a must for our living environment.  Not that we don’t live comfortably, but making our space a bit more functional and maximizing our little nest will not only give us more elbow room, but entertaining friends and family will be so much more fun.  As we embark on our journey I’ll document from time to time our progress.  Until then I came across a great apartment, that I don’t know who it belongs too, and my all time favorite brooklyn brownstone, Jenna Lyons former residence.  Both spaces have the ease, comfort and creative elements that speak to my modern, rustic, industrial aesthetic.  Can’t wait to begin our project!  Happy Monday! xoxo

Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-12Love, Love black walls.

3976856991_64dc2381c7A great example of small but cool.



Love the dark floors with the crisp white walls and endless amount of books.

fashionable-apartment4gasl_lyons_04The best nook.




It’s All Good

l_3833_gwyneth.paltrow.its.all.good.cookbookGwyneth Paltrow has a new cookbook coming out, It’s All Good.  Not everyone I talk with is a huge fan of Gwyneth and her cookbooks.  I personally love her and her books.  She has some “hang ups” about food and lifestyle choices that critics, media and the public feel a need to comment on, constantly, but honestly who lives “hang up” free?  She’s as real and honest as she chooses to be and I for one can admire her for that.  In reality we’re all doing the best we can, it’s just, good or bad, she chooses to do it in the public eye.  Regardless of what you may think of Gwyneth, she’s a capable woman and a loving mom and who can fault her for that.  You go Gwyneth, you do your thing! xoxo

gwyneth-paltrow-its-all-good-cookbooko-GWYNETH-PALTROW-COOKBOOK-570Avocado Toast…My kind of recipe.

Gone Fishing braids are a huge trend for spring/summer.  It’s youthfulness makes for a perfect pairing with laid back, long summer days.  When I was growing up braids had to be perfectly laid with not a hair out of place.  In today’s trend the bigger the rats nests the clearer the statement.  I guess the great thing about fishtails is that it gives us an extra day of not having to wash our hair.  And as us girls know, that is always a bonus.  Happy Tuesday! xoxo


The Long of It…

bag_celine_black_cabastote_largeI’m really loving long vertical totes at the moment.  I haven’t always been a fan, as long bags tend to make it difficult to find keys, phones and lip balms.  The ease of getting in and out of a bag is by far my first check off the list, but I’m finding my self taking a double look at these longer beauties.

There’s something chic about a bag tucked under the arm and falling along side the body.  It’s out of the way and doesn’t shout, “look at me.”  Celine makes a beautiful, classic cabas in soft buttery leather and best of all it comes in a rainbow of colors.  So if you’re feeling an update, take a look on the long side.  xoxo

Celine_Leather_Cabas1Celine_Leather_Cabas2575_crop_280x325_celine-cabas-vertical-bag-clasp2Yellow_Celine_Cabas_SS2011The horizontal version is always amazing.

271081I’d love the furry friend!

Rain, Rain Go Away

IMG_2836We’re almost out of wet, sloppy, cold weather.  Us on the west coast are finally feeling Spring on the horizon, but east coasters are still wringing out their boots.  Although we’re almost finished with the slush, it’s a great time of year to take advantage of the winter sales.  From boots to coats, a 50% slash is worth the storing discomfort.

Every year we spend a bit of time in Canada and so often I’m tempted to buy snow boots each time we go up.  So in my many hours of online browsing I found that there are some amazing sales on merchandise that will be making their way up north.

My favorite has to be Sorel snow boots.  Not only are they completely functional in the job they promise, but the unlimited styles and colors make them cute and fashionable.  I know that Sorel’s won’t be the most worn here at the beach, but come December I’ll be ready for the -3 of Whistler.  xoxo

NL1540_taffyNewMy personal fave and purchase.

hunter-bootsStill love my Hunter rain boots for just about anything.