Are You Blushing?

la-modella-mafia-model-off-duty-street-style-Chanel-+-Christian-Louboutin-2Blush, pale pink, nude, whatever you want to call it, is a favorite neutral.  It’s one of the easiest colors to wear whether you’re a brunette or blonde and can be easily worn with anything from yellow, to navy and every other color in between.  Spring is a perfect time of year to blush, even if it’s just your cheeks blushing.  xoxo

left_cover_pagecut-youngjun412f2888acd8b79d8_162Love it worn with yellow.

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We Like it, Hot Hot Hot

tumblr_lxtruvpq9G1r1j3wdo1_500Bright lips is the trend of the hour.  Cheeks and eyes are also having a moment, but let’s not too get excited and put them all together. 😉  Adding bright color to the face is a pretty pick me up.  Spring and Summer already adds more of a glow to our skin, so by adding some brights into the palette, can give us a youthful vibe.  Not everyone will fall in love with with the neon glows, but play around a bit there is a shade for everyone.  Happy weekend! xoxo


Casual Friday’s!? day to day dress is pretty casual.  I don’t have an office job that requires me to wear heels, pencil skirts and blouses daily, but I do like to leave the house dressed.  Casual Friday is my everyday, and because of this I’m always looking for new ways to wear casual.  As you can see from below, I like a uniform. 😉  Happy hump day!  xoxo

3a2273f131dad9cff16fff2ab8daa968tumblr_m8jaxsWmSn1rsltdyo1_500anjarubik_dkny1Ashley Greene Stops By A Casting OfficeCasual-Street-Style-2013 (8)18. casual friday habituallychic16. casual friday habituallychic10. casual friday habituallychic8. casual friday habituallychic3. casual friday habituallychic


whitedress2sSummer was looming this weekend in So Cal.  The clear, warm, tranquil weather made it incredibly inviting to sit and relax with a glass of lemonade.  As our days remain warm, our summer wardrobes start making their way to the front of our closets.  Along with tanks, sandals and the must have trend of the moment, light weight summer dresses become our go to item.  More specifically the LWD. (little white dress)  As we enjoy a couple more days of this beautiful warm weather, (it’s cooling off later in the week) here is some Monday morning inspiration to gear us up for those summer nights.  Happy Monday! xoxo

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“I’m a Zebra Today Daddy”

double-denim-zebra-coat-stockholm-streetstyleThis morning, like most mornings, we asked our son to get dressed for school.  Usually I come in after a few minutes to see that what he has picked out is actually appropriate and not too holey, small or been taken out of the dirty clothes.  As I had to leave early this morning I did not have the privilege to guide his creation, but a phone call from my husband, after drop off, filled me in on his creative ensemble.

My son decided that he wanted to be a zebra today, and he searched every stripe in his drawer to make sure what he picked resembled (to him) a zebra.  But he didn’t stop with maybe just a shirt or a pant, he wanted to dress head to toe in stripes.  My husband, who is all about freedom of expression, asked him “is that what you want to wear to school today?,” giving him one last chance to make any changes.  My son looked at himself and said, yes, and let me tell you why daddy, I’m a zebra today daddy!  And continued packing his bag for school confident and content with the decision he had made for himself.  My husband did not give an opinion, other than validating he looked like a zebra and a cute one at that, and they both went about leaving for school.

Although wearing head to toe stripes wouldn’t be my first choice, you can’t fault the freedom to wear whatever you want to wear/be for the day and creating your fashion moment.  After all, who wouldn’t want to be a zebra for a day?  xoxo

ea10tumblr_maacl9X6Iq1qlgn6ho1_1280zebra1bad zebra 6


Not Just For Cheerleaders

caroline-issa-lk-bennett2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate!…  When we think of pom pom’s, cheerleader’s are the next vision that pops up.  Although those days are long gone, L.K. Bennett has designed a shoe that has brought back a nostalgic view of pom poms.  With a touch of ethnic flare and a whole lot of free spirit fun, these pumps are the next best thing to high kicking.;)  Have a great weekend.  xoxo

1N9tZ3Olivia Palermo can make a paper bag look cool.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

5261215418_125341222c_bMenswear inspired fashions are staples in many women’s wardrobe.  Anything from a crisp white, button down shirt, to a well tailored blazer, is common place in a closet of the opposite sex.  And now, masculine footwear is making it’s way to the top of our ranks.

It’s no secret my love for flats.  Although being vertically challenged flats aren’t always the best choice for me…they usually are the most comfortable one.

Patent leather loafers, at the moment, are pulling my focus.  Yes, I know, patent leather is more for fall than it is a shoe for summertime beach strolls, but nevertheless, if you hear someone coming up behind you yelling “beat it” it might just be me having my Michael Jackson moment.   Happy Tuesday! xoxo

Repettoloafers2Repetto Loafer

cupofjo-fall-shoes-black-loafers8487707608_bde99dde01_o26475-595473467_large_flexthe-moonwalkThe King of Pop

Cult Favorites

Close up of young beautiful womanIt seems that every other week there’s a new “must have” product.  From beauty to fashion, there’s always something promising the “dream.”  With that said there are a few products that have managed to stand the test of time and continue to be favorites.  Keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you, but these cult hits have sustained a universal appeal.  Have a great weekend! xoxo

A good facial cleanser is a must.  I’ve used both below.  One is priced high and the other low, just goes to prove that you can find a great cleanser at any price.

eve_lom_cleanserproduct_gentleskincleanserAn exfoliator is key to allow your skin to shine.  A clarisonic is easy and affective.

mia_all13colors_660x386_11112011A moisturizer is important for soft beautiful skin.  Neutrogena is always at the top of the list and is easy on the bank account.

neutrogena-oil-free-moisturizerLa Mer has become a cult favorite as well, but it will make a dent in your wallet.

2335_Creme_de_la_MerThe most important skin care product is sunscreen.  Anthelios keeps popping up over and over.

anthelios-new-launchesFor an eye brightener YSL Touche Eclat is my go to pen.

yves-saint-laurent-FStp121109No one should leave home without lashes.  My mascara of choice is Lancome Virtuose, but the cult favorite is Maybelline.

lancome12151_Maybelline_glmascaraA beautiful flush cheek is always the giveaway for youth.  Nars Orgasm is a favorite across the board.

nars-blush-FStp121109A youthful, hydrated pout is most alluring.  No crusty cracks here with By Terry lip balm.