Easy Breezy

London-Fashion-Week-Spring-2013-Street-Style-13-600x400Loving the warm/hot weather at the moment.  When in the right state of mind it’s relaxing and centering.  Along with a good mindset, an easy, breezy attitude can be easily reflected in our style.  Pushing against mother nature isn’t usually the best option, it can make us look like a hot mess.  So enjoy the start of summer, and take a step back and reflect.  Have a great weekend!  xoxo


Crop It!

5I never thought I’d see again, cropped tops as a “must have” item.  As amazing as some girls look with their belly’s out, this is not a universally, good looking trend.  I know that the 90’s are back with a vengeance, but this might be one moment that will need to pass.  Happy Memorial Day!

Remembering and giving thanks to all our freedom fighters.  xoxo



sun-over-the-oceanPerspective is a funny thing.  By definition it reads: A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.  Sometimes, something comes along that is so beautiful, that it makes you stop for a moment and take in what the most important things in life are.  As I sit in front of my computer, trying to put words to my thoughts, my brain can’t articulate what I’m feeling.  So all I can do is share with you a special story, that if anything, gives perspective. Thank you Zach Sobiech, I think you did what you set out to do.  xoxo

Click on Zach Sobiech for his documentary.

Life’s A Beach

e0b89be0b8a5e0b988e0b8ade0b8a2e0b89ce0b8a1e0b980e0b88be0b8ade0b8a3e0b98ce0b986-e0b981e0b895e0b988It’s getting to be that, lets hit the beach time.  Whether with kids or with a crew of friends, the beach starts taking center stage.  So with that, a relaxed beach hair mane is beginning to hit it’s stride for the season.  The thing with beach hair though, is as low key and low maintenance as it looks, the true reality is it needs to be worked with. Finding products that aid the hair in finding a natural wave isn’t always easy.  Salt water sprays, alone, can make the hair way to sticky and unruly, but not adding anything at all to the hair, will definitely give you a cotton ball frizz.

What I have found that works for me is a combination of salt spray with some kind of smoothing or relaxing balm.  By adding the relaxing balm to my hair first it tames my natural curl, then the spray adds the texture that is needed to define the wave.  If you have bone straight hair you’ll have to find ways to keep a curl that isn’t necessarily in your genes, but there are definite tricks to adding body.  Regardless of your hair type, summer is a perfect time of year to just lay back and let it go.  xoxo



Simple and Chic

nyfw-street5-2_191518642398It’s been ridiculously hot in L.A.  When mother nature starts turning up the heat, I reach for the simplest, coolest items I can find.  A clean face, simple hair and light clothing, both in fabric and color, starts becoming a uniform.  Although simple and chic is different for everyone, here are my inspirations for forever chic.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

white-fashion-streetstyleEzgiKiramerSTREETSTYLEPHOTOBYSTOCKHOLMSTREETSTYLEALLWHITESUITWINTERWHITEIILESTEVAMIRROREDMETALLICSUNGLASSESStreet-Style-New-York-Fashion-Week-Fall-201317.  lighten up28. tommy ton milan1. white camille over the rainbowtumblr_m3e0tdXvJm1qcwiu0o1_500tumblr_l011n6CWVD1qazgvfo1_500Although the above picture has nothing to do with chic dressing…I am a closeted interior designer, and I couldn’t pass up this photo. 🙂  Tres chic!

Get Me to The Met

beyonce_67Monday night was the annual Met Ball Gala.  This night celebrates the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum‘s fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute where we also got Krums exhibition and trade show stands with all the fashion old and new.  It’s no secret that the gala is the Oscars of the fashion world and this year was no exception.  The theme was punk rock, so as you can imagine not a whole lot was held back.  Regardless of what you may think of the fashions on this night, one thing you can’t deny is the commitment to rock! xoxo

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galagisele-bundchen-tom-brady-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-05miley-cyrus-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-05jessica-biel-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01cameron-diaz-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01sarah-jessica-parker-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-03"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galamiranda-kerr-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01madonna-short-black-bob-hairdo-on-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01

blake-lively-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01Regardless of theme, beauty always wins out in the end.  Blake did it right.

All American

brigitte-4There is something about nautical stripes that screams “All American.”  The fresh, clean, easy pattern exudes youth, sophistication and the eternally classic beauty.  Worn with the rattiest denim, brings a relax but refined style, or worn with the cleanest, simplest item can send you into iconic status, (a la Audrey Hepburn/Jacqueline Kennedy.)  Either way, nautical stripes have been a staple in our wardrobe season after season and this spring and summer is no different.  Grab your stripes and head to the beach.  xoxo

kirsten-dunst-teen-vogue1tumblr_mcosgusJEm1rj69l0o1_400Valerie Bolster

glamourai_vogue2wThe Glamourai

tumblr_m7eus15YDg1ql5uppo1_5006a0120a7c5f0a1970b0133ed000ccd970b-800wiAudrey Hepburn

Jackie-KennedyJackie Kennedy

Wanna Get Punk’d?

2c5345a9ff8df842ebbe00924472e766Fashion seems to be having a punk moment.  I’m not sure that punk really ever goes out of style.  Between motorcycle jackets, boots and the endless amount of black, I would say that punk gets recycled in different ways year after year.  Although some fashionistas may be over the “punk” thing, I don’t think it’ll be disappearing anytime soon.  Here are a couple of fashion insiders who do punk right.  xoxo

120890Christine Centenera does punk right.

Christine Centenerakate+lanphear+41The queen of punk, Style director at T magazine, Kate Lanphear.