Keeping The Glow

trsl02_gucciThe past week has been challenging, between being displaced from our home with a small remodel, to the lack of sleep that comes with it all, trying to keep a healthy fresh glow becomes an uphill struggle.  In times of some serious facial rescue I turn to moisturizing, revitalizing masks.  A non-abrasive, gentle mask can add back in the life that is sucked out with all the stress.  Of course there’s no substitute for a long, deep, good night’s rest, but a little help from a jar can at least give us 5 minutes to breath.  xoxo

SK-II_facial_treatment_mask_2-714007SKII Facial Mask…A favorite of Demi Moore

Sisley-Black-Rose-Cream-Mask2Sisley Black Rose Mask…A favorite of mine.

The New “It” Bag

balmain_pierrebag1_zps1f78fb13Every couple of years there’s seems to be an “it” bag that jumps onto center stage.  This time a collaboration between two designers, marries edgy and classic, and proves again that less is more.  The Balmain/Bidermann bag has managed to hit “IT” status from it’s inception.  It’s classic, simple lines makes it a bag that’ll last a lifetime, BUT, and there’s a big BUT…At $4300 it makes it a bit unreachable and definitely will put a dent in your bank account.  Oh well, a girl can dream. 😉  xoxo


Getting Goosed

IMG_5741I have an obsession lately with sneakers.  Everything from Converse to Nike has made it’s way into my closet.  Just recently I added a new love to the pack.  Golden Goose sneakers are my newest darlings.  They have an edgy/rocker/skater vibe, but they give just enough femininity to make a, I’m not totally grungy, statement.  Along with them being uniquely cool, they remind me of the Vans my husband wore when I first him [in high school], so in the end the nostalgia won out.  Have a great weekend!  xoxo

SMB8074_BBO_L2A1My recent acquisition.

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 3.09.14 PMTiffany Wendel

tumblr_m0ocziuFsi1qbbm53o1_500Immagine 1

Doing It With Flare

The-Drama-Forever-Blue-HRFlare bottom jeans have always been an obsession, but with summer rolling around there’s something about the bell bottom pant that breaths, laid back, summer style.  With a casual cotton tank and a wide brimmed hat, bbq’s, a getaway or the quite night at home, is perfectly suited for the relaxed denim.  For the vertically challenged (like me) a wide pant takes a bit more thought when deciding what shoe to wear, but regardless of height, a wedge, a heel or a great flat will make anyone stand tall.  xoxo