Reaching New Heights

The-Drama-Forever-Blue-HR-1024x676Life has been moving at a fast pace lately.  Every time I turn around there’s a deadline, a client or a school project that needs attending to.  Fashion is no different when it comes to trends, and fashion weeks have been making their rounds showcasing what will be the next, latest greatest.

Colored denim has basically seen it’s day and the newest trend, lets say, will take you to new heights.  High waisted jeans are in full effect, and honestly I’m not mad at that.  The 1970’s Jane Birkin, Ali Macgraw vibe is sexy, laid back and definitely sophisticated.  A high waist is not the easiest trend to pull off if you’re under 5’8, but doable with a sexy daytime wedge or evening heel.  Either way don’t be scared off by a “mom jean” perception.  2014 is sure to be the start of a love affair “reaching new heights.”  xoxo



Are You a Mule?

313673The hottest shoe this spring has become the mule.  I personally am not a fan of walking with a shuffle, but mules popped up in all of the Spring 2014 shows.  I definitely think that this shoe is a love it or hate it kind of relationship.  If you love it, go for it, compare the best shoes rated here. If you hate it then don’t fold to the trend and be a mule.  xoxo