Monday Muse

caroline-de-maigret-4When it comes to style I definitely believe that less is more.  Too much of anything, for me, is gaudy, overdone and overall unattractive.  Parisienne women have this concept down to a science.  Make-up is natural, hair is effortlessly tousled and plastic surgery is almost non existent.

There’s no better example of this than model/music producer Caroline de Maigret.  Her beauty is unconventional but classically beautiful.  I read an article recently and something she said lit up my lightbulb.   “It’s fun when people go eccentric.”–Caroline de Maigret.  That was in regards to other cultures, as we age, wearing to much make up and to much plastic surgery to cover up our years lived.  I found that statement inspiring.  How much more fun is it going down the eccentric route rather than the Joan Rivers route.  No disrespect Joan Rivers, I think I’ll chose to look a bit corky and softly lived rather than perfect.  Happy Monday!  xoxo



Nice Buns!

streetstyle7925-webWe’re making our way towards spring and that usually means a more laid back approach to beauty and fashion.  As temps rise and humidity starts to wreak havoc, we need sure fire styles to keep our mane under control.

Chignon’s and buns are not just for grandma’s anymore.  The 21st century re-vamp has made buns ultra cool and sophisticated.  Whether pulled low at the nape or high on the crown, wrapping our hair up has made skipping shampoo’s that much easier.  xoxo