Ring this Bell…

461525_379160428771000_728458547_oLast week I had the pleasure of meeting a charming model/jewelry designer, that so happens to design REALLY cool pieces.  Elisabeth Yorn’s love for animals, nature and jewelry, birthed this incredible line that also possesses a soul.  Each piece symbolizes characteristics of a specific animal, and that, for me, has to be my favorite nuance.  With the raw, organic, simplicity of her work this line is fast becoming a celebrity favorite.  But beyond that, it’s great to see an intelligent, grounded woman doing her thing…Love it!  xoxo

sharkrPrehistoric Shark Tooth…A shark is perceptive, curious, focused, primal and powerful.


Bobcat Claw…A bobcat is patient, strategic, aware, playful and passionate.

stingrayRingMy favorite, The Stingray…Stingray represents balance, tenacity, grace and elegance.  A definite get for me. 😉

8380e4cd214da8927f11e45789bb32c8Elisabeth Yorn..ElisabethBelljewelry.com



Be a Gladiator

Soraya Bakhtiktiar fashion blogger + Soraya Bakhtiar in Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals + Stuart Weitzman tall gladiator sandals + how to wear knee high gladiator sandals +  tall gladiator sandals with summer dress 3I am OBSESSED with gladiator sandals at the moment.  They’re sexy, cool and completely fearless.  Although I’m tempted to go out and purchase a to the knee sandal, my head and wallet is saying to stay more grounded and rock an ankle shoe.  Either way, with the heat that has already started in Cali, sandals are a sure bet for constant wear.  Happy Monday!!   xoxo

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