Ready, Set, Go!



Athletic wear is not just for workouts anymore…There was a time that wearing leggings and sneakers past noon was a total faux pas, but these days it’s becoming more and more chic.  So much so, that during the summer, articles were being written about, gasp!, how denim is OUT!  Although I don’t ever think we’ll see the death of denim, leggings and sneakers are definitely having their moment…And it might just be here to stay.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Burgundy_NB_sneakers-street-styleallerretour.org_hbr7wl-l-610x610-shoes-nike-nikes-black-shoes-black-nikes-sneakers-casual-black-and-white-jeans-style-fashion-runners-sleek-smart-denim-streetwear-streetstyle-street-stylewhite-sneakers-street-style-1gotta-love-sneakers-streetstyle-pics-6-464x696c1813e6d2fc6c51d714981de78a4dc25Photo Cred…Vogue, Sincerely Jules, unidentified.

Fashion and Friendships

Girlfriends_cphfw_streetstyle_polarisjournal1One of my favorite past times is people watching.  So much is told without the use of words.  One example is watching friends interacting with each other and how their style of dress compliments, mimics and sometimes shadows each one of them.  I believe that there is a subconscious happening that with more time spent with besties, styles start to morph into what we feel is familiar.  Before we know it we’re dressing one another through subconscious thinking.  Honestly, when it comes to the psychology of what makes us want to dress a certain way, I have to admit I’m no expert.  But there’s definitely something to fashion and friendships.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

street-style-part7-01_150058572674streets-of-parisNYFW-Streetstyle-Roundup-Part-3-25545471583_7477fff56a_bWhat-Your-Street-Style-Pose-Meanstwo-girls_garance-dore_2  Photo Cred–Garance Dore, Tumbler, Blonde Salad

Man Up…

insideout.topshop.com_A crisp man’s shirt is incredibly attractive on so many levels, but when worn by a woman the sex appeal jumps through the roof.  The juxtaposition of feminine meeting up with masculine is perfection.  Lets take a lesson from the french, put away our hair brushes and slip into our man’s cotton staple.  xoxo

f1a45ed71133502831f3534c7d9fb27eNew York Fashionweek ss2014, day 56f419a85c3c5e6111005c32a8b1bc35823f237346111c1b13a0febb56071616f8409017d262717c9c46f578ab3ac10adPhoto Cred…Le Fashion, Fash for Fashion, Elin Kling, Sincerely Jules