American As…

vintagedenimWhen traveling to other countries I get so excited, not only to explore their history and culture, but also to scour their fashions and textiles.  More often then not I leave disappointed in not being able to find different pieces that are not available to us here in the U.S.  The reality is the world has become small thanks to the internet.  There really isn’t a coat, a dress, a pair of shoes or handbag that can’t be located by a push of a button.  So the question is, how do you find different and unique pieces that maybe aren’t seen in every blog, magazine or department store?

For me the answer is vintage.  Sure fashion insiders have become savvy to vintage finds, and what used to be an untouched market, has become an over saturated, vendor heavy industry.  But, as history has always proven…it does repeat itself.  And with that, my newest obsession are vintage levis.

Their resurrection has been creeping steadily, just by looking on instagram there’s a plethora of cutoffs.  But now the 90’s staple is making it’s way back in their full length with the latest Manolo’s.  Come spring, denim houses will be clamoring to make their version of an old pair of levis.  Happy Holidays!  xoxo