Trend Alert

WOMENSWEARIt’s no secret that gold has made a huge impact during the past decade. Adding glitz and glamour to anything from skin, to closets, to living spaces. Now, kitchens are getting in on the action. Brass and copper is a trend that has been gaining momentum the last couple of years. Adding texture and warmth to a sometimes stark space, brass can give that bit of surprise that is pleasing to the eye. One word of caution, brass does pit, so it’s up keep may not be the lowest of maintenance. But if you’re anything like me…who cares. We want what we want. 🙂 xoxo


No, Not a Tourist

D525D9E9B8BD9CEBD6BE90A024It was once thought that you could spot an american tourist by their white sneakers. Today, that belief is obsolete. From Europe to the America’s, white sneakers are a full blown fashion statement. Stan Smith and shell toe Adidas have been seen on everyone from fashion editors to royalty, but now the big fashion houses Givenchy, Isabel Marant and even Alexander McQueen want in on the action. My suggestion, don’t run out and spend $800 on a white sneaker, you’re right in the mix with a $75 classic.  xoxo

2q1uvck1509_Athens-Streetstyle_Model-Off-Duty-Kirstin-Kragh-Liljegren_Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2015_Street-StyleAdidasStanSmithstreetstyle-11בלוגאופנה18פברואר7Images: Internet