August 21, 2017

Last week we had date night at Catch. It’s gotten a ton of hype, and honestly, being an LA native, I hear hype and I try to stay away…for a while anyway. I will admit that the food was amazing. The restaurant was cool too, but being right in the middle of West Hollywood, I didn’t expect anything less. For as much LA hype it received for being the “It” place to be, the staff was sweet, attentive and personable. There isn’t anything worse than getting served by a pretentious wannabe…and I’m happy to say that Catch wasn’t anything like that.

It was so nice to sit in the open patio. The heat from the days sun remained and the city backdrop provided that jaw dropping view that LA can give. Date nights aren’t as frequent as I’d love them to be, but I take what I can get…even if it’s pizza on a stoop!

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