Paint the Town…

553dcbf318dfadeed2b3043f83d3f647Red nails seem to come and go as the color of the moment.  Regardless of it’s “it” status, there’s no better time than the holidays to add a bit of sizzle.  Red is chic, vibrant and forever sexy and finding the right shade will keep you feeling flirty right through the new year.  Happy Holidays!  xoxo


Photos Courtesy of Vogue, Into the Gloss, mstreetstyle.

IMG_9313-582x388red nails and lips390-red-nail-polish-spring-2011-gucci-

All Cracked Up!

dry_skin_care_in_winterWinter not only brings nasty weather, it also wreaks havoc on our skin.  Our temps have been dry and cold and coupled with a running heater, we start molting like a shedding snake.  The only real solution is to keep lathering up with lotions.  Other than getting a bit messing it’s the only way to stay on top of dry skin.  Keep yourselves hydrated, starting from the inside is always the best policy and try to make nice with the cold weather.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

wpid-Photo-9-Dec-2013-957-pmwpid-Photo-8-Dec-2013-1115-pm6wpid-Photo-11-Dec-2013-614-pm66E8CFF06DADE39F1E4A2D87354131A great product while still wet after a shower.  Neutrogena Sesame body oil.

30957Rodin body oil is great to add to your body lotion.


Fade to Black

kfeatSpring and summer was all about white polish.  Some thought it looked too much like white out, but I loved it and it was a good departure from all the neon.  Now that we’re moving into fall I’m finding myself being drawn back to black.  CHANEL first introduced black satin about 7 years ago, and I have to admit I was slow to warm.  But as classic as Essie’s Mademoiselle is to our drawer, black has also earned it’s spot.  Happy Friday!  xoxo


Beauty Trend 2013

0907runwaynyfw-blog480In the middle of NYFW we’re seeing many beauty trends taking shape for spring 2014.  Orange, for one, on nails and lips, is beginning to look like the “it” color.  Although we’re bombarded with what’s coming in the future, 6 months is to far in the distance for me to think of what colors I’ll be wearing.  The important question now is, what’s relevant today going into the fall season.

Rich dark hues is what the answer is.  From smoldering cat eyes to sexy deep pouts, fall make up runs the gamut with a brooding vibe.  Wether you are, or not one to take the time to line, shimmer or smudge with the trends, keep in mind you can’t go wrong with being you.  xoxo

fall_winter_2013_2014_beauty_trends_from_london_fashion_week_red_lipstickRed, whether on lips or nails, is always a winner.

glitter-eye-makeup-thakoon-fall-2013A bit of glitter is pretty, feminine and edgy all wrapped in one.

hbz-fw13-makeup-trend-cat-eyes-01-Anna-Sui-clp-RF13-3596-lgnA cat eye is cool, but takes a steady hand.

hbz-fw13-makeup-trend-orangey-shadow-BCBG-clp-RF13-7662-lgnPeaches and nudes have been a consistent favorite of mine.

runway-report-0913-3-lgnA wine hue is a good alternative to a bright red.

Pony Up

ghjsurmrpeiou3pbxjkyi6vxp0rnyav01zduop0mocwSummer can sometimes feel disheveled.  As laid back and carefree summer portrays itself to be, it can be down right exhausting and my appearance is what suffers.  When it comes to hair the summer humidity is not our friend.  Whether you were born with stick straight hair or the unruly curl, weather can reek havoc, and for me, make me look like I have a cotton ball on my head.

A sleek low ponytail is my summer go to style.  Not only is it functional in cooling me down, it’s a quick, chic solution for that “oh crap” moment.  The bonus with a ponytail this year is that come fall the tails will still be prancing.  xoxo


Keeping The Glow

trsl02_gucciThe past week has been challenging, between being displaced from our home with a small remodel, to the lack of sleep that comes with it all, trying to keep a healthy fresh glow becomes an uphill struggle.  In times of some serious facial rescue I turn to moisturizing, revitalizing masks.  A non-abrasive, gentle mask can add back in the life that is sucked out with all the stress.  Of course there’s no substitute for a long, deep, good night’s rest, but a little help from a jar can at least give us 5 minutes to breath.  xoxo

SK-II_facial_treatment_mask_2-714007SKII Facial Mask…A favorite of Demi Moore

Sisley-Black-Rose-Cream-Mask2Sisley Black Rose Mask…A favorite of mine.

Life’s A Beach

e0b89be0b8a5e0b988e0b8ade0b8a2e0b89ce0b8a1e0b980e0b88be0b8ade0b8a3e0b98ce0b986-e0b981e0b895e0b988It’s getting to be that, lets hit the beach time.  Whether with kids or with a crew of friends, the beach starts taking center stage.  So with that, a relaxed beach hair mane is beginning to hit it’s stride for the season.  The thing with beach hair though, is as low key and low maintenance as it looks, the true reality is it needs to be worked with. Finding products that aid the hair in finding a natural wave isn’t always easy.  Salt water sprays, alone, can make the hair way to sticky and unruly, but not adding anything at all to the hair, will definitely give you a cotton ball frizz.

What I have found that works for me is a combination of salt spray with some kind of smoothing or relaxing balm.  By adding the relaxing balm to my hair first it tames my natural curl, then the spray adds the texture that is needed to define the wave.  If you have bone straight hair you’ll have to find ways to keep a curl that isn’t necessarily in your genes, but there are definite tricks to adding body.  Regardless of your hair type, summer is a perfect time of year to just lay back and let it go.  xoxo