Getting There

September 10, 2017

At this point in our construction, things are getting exciting. We’re fully prepped on the inside for big changes to start happening. Floors, cabinets, tile, railings etc are all on order and should start arriving this coming week. As exciting as all this is, there’s always that “oh shit” moment of hoping that it all works and looks as great together as you have come to see it in your head. On their own, floors and countertops are amazing, but you never know if their union will work.

Lighting plays a HUGE part on if colors, textures and materials work together. No different really than photographers shooting models. You can have the most amazing backdrop with the most beautiful women, but if that sun isn’t lit properly or diffused correctly, the beauty that you see in person may be a total disaster in photos.

I’m really looking forward to the days ahead. Installations are always delicate moments. Will my last minute decision of adding a brick wall work? Do the light grey oak floors add enough richness…or should I’ve gone with a warmer beige? Keeping window handles industrial, add character or just looks messy? Time will tell, and that time starts now. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing each step. Have a great week!

A view from the second floor down into the kitchen. We basically built a house with no rooms. I wanted a New York City loft at the beach…and it pretty much is 😉

Floors…Grey Oak

What the floors against the brick wall will look like.

Choosing countertops. This onxy was my favorite, but…It’s not used as countertops. It’s too soft. Most people hang this stone on the walls.

This one is on hold…

It’s amazing how many shades of white there are…crazy making

Finalizing what shade of grey for the outside siding…

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