Healthy Glow

June 23, 2017


The perpetual question, how do I get the glow? The answer isn’t easy, in fact there are many layers to “that glow.” Assuming your physical health is working well with your mental health, that takes you half the distance. Feeding your body what it needs to supply your cells with vibrancy and nutrition is ridiculously important, and thinking well and keeping your cortisol levels down is the other side of that coin. The genes your parents gave you, takes you another quarter of the way but that still leaves a quarter of the pie.

The kinds of products we put on our face is what finishes the circle. With that said, I subscribe to the less is more mantra. We get sold so many wrinkle creams, brightening serums, plumping wands that our skin goes into overload and ends up looking greasy and irritated…greasy and irritated equals OLD! Two products that I never go with out is an evening retinol and SPF during the day. The retinol is for sloughing off dead skin and rejuvenating a new one and the SPF protects the new layers. If for the rest of your life you only go with these two products, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Now, I could spend hours on writing how, why and which products are the best, but honestly and unfortunately we have to go with trial and error to figure out what works best for our individual skin. We are so uniquely put together, when it comes to balancing our PH it really needs to be found individually.

Once we have our base layer (skin) in order, what we put over it ( make up), is a whole other bag of worms. I truly believe that the better condition your skin is in, the less you have to worry about foundation, concealer etc. But a little goes a long way. Below are a few products in my circulation at the moment. Staying with the less is more theory is, at least, my way….Be you!

Nars radiant concealer and Charlotte Tilbury duo

Bobbi Brown Bronzer

Tata Harper cream blushes, fave at the moment

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