It’s Just a Game! Or is it.

January 10, 2016

When I think back to my twenties watching professional sports, I think of laughter and carefree fun with friends and family. We all enjoyed the spirit of competition, watching these men and women fight and strive to be their best. Of course back then, a game was just a game. At the end of it we all went about our business and started our week without a second thought to what game had been won or lost.

These days my reality is a bit different. Of course I’m still a spectator of sorts, but being a spouse of someone who is directly related to the sporting world, a game now is not just a game. Something has happened. These aren’t just athletes and coaches that go out and entertain us week after week. These are human beings that have families and lives outside of what we see on the television.

It’s very easy to draw a conclusion based on the highlight reel that is shown to the world. Wether through social media, television, or print, assuming that life is easier or sweeter than anybody else’s is just not accurate.

I can’t speak for other’s journey’s, but I’m in a unique position to experience events and people a little differently. What I can tell you is, there’s a lot of sacrifice that happens behind the scenes. I know, I know, we all make sacrifices for the well being of our families for now and for the future. But when you’re thrown into a public forum where your moves are followed by many, I think that there’s a perception that “lucky” breaks have gotten them more.

It’s crazy now when I watch a game or match. I try to enjoy it for the pure pleasure of competition, but it’s just not the same. I care so much about the athletes and coaches, wether I know them or not, and I put my husband in this category as well. I want so much for them to do well because I’ve experienced their hours, days and weeks away from home, as well as the high’s and low’s, the set backs and disappointments that come with the job. Although I think that the athlete’s and coaches would see the journey differently, as a supportive family member I think we definitely take the process a bit more personally.

After watching today’s Seahawks game, I’m once again reminded that in our triumphant moment that is a win, there’s the other side that is the agony of defeat, of course I’ve had the privilege of feeling this first hand with Super Bowl 49…So as much as we talk about, analyze and judge the moments that have taken place, lets also remember that these are regular people just trying to make a living.

With that said, the journey that is the “supportive partner” is a whole other story. Maybe for another day another post. For now I’m happy with celebrating a win. xoxo Go Hawks!

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