Fire it Up

balenciagaFor the last couple of seasons long, pointed, dragon like nails have been the shape of the moment. I personally cannot go there, not only because the safety of my child comes first, but being able to wipe my butt is important to me! Ridiculous trends come and go and I’m happy to see this one go. It looks like the more understated square/round shape is making it’s way back. Although I’m not sure it ever left, as you can never go wrong with a clean, classic line.

Whether you tend to keep your manicure neutral or like to add some color, my eye at the moment is loving a bright candy apple red. Polishes have gone under a big transformation in the last decade. Taking out formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals has been a priority.

RGB nail care has done just that in eliminating 5 toxins. No formaldehyde, No Toluene, No DBP, No camphor and No formaldehyde resin. They even go a step further by being vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and responsibly made in the U.S.A. Not only have they made their brand appealing to a thoughtful consumer, they also make a killer red. Check it out. Happy Hump Day! xoxo

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Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Terry-Richardson-05Every year spring marks a rebirth, new beginnings. I start getting a bit neurotic with cleaning, donating, looking for new must have items and an overall look change. I normally am not a drastic jump before I look kinda girl, but I do like to shake it up every once in a while.

Lately, hair bangs have been my newest obsession. Especially worn with loose curls and a choppy layer, bangs can add edge to a good girl look. I will forever be that 70’s hair, long and parted down the middle groupie, but I just may be looking for a little more fringe in my life. Happy Tuesday! xoxo

4cb6fbcefc3e0355a9a10e5a798175eeCisco-73-10-couture-fashion-week-spring-2015-street-style-07-683x1024main.original.585x0-2main.original.585x0-1main.original.585x0Photo Cred…Garance Dore, Birdie, Internet

Trend Alert

WOMENSWEARIt’s no secret that gold has made a huge impact during the past decade. Adding glitz and glamour to anything from skin, to closets, to living spaces. Now, kitchens are getting in on the action. Brass and copper is a trend that has been gaining momentum the last couple of years. Adding texture and warmth to a sometimes stark space, brass can give that bit of surprise that is pleasing to the eye. One word of caution, brass does pit, so it’s up keep may not be the lowest of maintenance. But if you’re anything like me…who cares. We want what we want. 🙂 xoxo


No, Not a Tourist

D525D9E9B8BD9CEBD6BE90A024It was once thought that you could spot an american tourist by their white sneakers. Today, that belief is obsolete. From Europe to the America’s, white sneakers are a full blown fashion statement. Stan Smith and shell toe Adidas have been seen on everyone from fashion editors to royalty, but now the big fashion houses Givenchy, Isabel Marant and even Alexander McQueen want in on the action. My suggestion, don’t run out and spend $800 on a white sneaker, you’re right in the mix with a $75 classic.  xoxo

2q1uvck1509_Athens-Streetstyle_Model-Off-Duty-Kirstin-Kragh-Liljegren_Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2015_Street-StyleAdidasStanSmithstreetstyle-11בלוגאופנה18פברואר7Images: Internet 

50 Shades…

studded-hearts-NYFW-Spring-Summer-2015-shows-streetstyle-mulesWhen you look in my closet there is very little color. Black, navy, grey and camel is pretty much it. Although color is important in the big scheme of things, I don’t see myself moving away from the neutral world. Different seasons bring on the “it” trends of the moment, but the neutrals keep on a keeping. Dressed up or down, they continue to be classic, chic and edgy all in one. I can write a whole thesis on what color does to our psyche, lol, but I think I’ll just continue living in my grey area.  xoxo



la-modella-mafia-Anja-Rubik-Model-Off-Duty-Street-Style-blazer-and-cropped-jeansBlazers are definitely having a moment (again.) They are classic, timeless and sometimes stuffy.  Whether worn with vintage levi’s, a pencil skirt, denim shorts or the obvious slacks, a blazer can pull a look together that has you conveying polished and confident.

There are many cuts to a blazer. Going cropped or long, flat lapeled or lifted, a classic silhouette will keep a blazer in your closet a lifetime. I personally love a wool blend blazer.  The weight of the fabric allows for a better fit, but where you live and your day to day activities may determine what’s the right blazer for you. Don’t be too concerned with it’s conservative nature, it’s the one item that goes from uptown to downtown in heartbeat.  xoxo



New Year, New You

e385185d93523e547a3e6d46f3b0623eSo, here we are 2015.  The first page of a 365 page journey.  How will you make your year different/better!?  I personally look forward to living a life of more internal freedom and clarity, with my feet firmly grounded beneath me.  A conscious and daily practice to know and understand what’s truly important, and grateful for every moment life offers.

With that said, my love for fashion, style, interiors and beauty continues to grow, and where this journey takes me is still unclear.  I will continue to write my blog and enjoy every part of it’s creative process.  I look forward to pealing back layers and keep striving to live an authentic, complete life.  With my husband and my little boy by my side, my journey will be full of love and excitement.  And for that I am truly grateful.  I wish the best for you and yours in 2015.  I hope for all your dreams to come true, and that you may walk with love and peace in your heart.  xoxo

American As…

vintagedenimWhen traveling to other countries I get so excited, not only to explore their history and culture, but also to scour their fashions and textiles.  More often then not I leave disappointed in not being able to find different pieces that are not available to us here in the U.S.  The reality is the world has become small thanks to the internet.  There really isn’t a coat, a dress, a pair of shoes or handbag that can’t be located by a push of a button.  So the question is, how do you find different and unique pieces that maybe aren’t seen in every blog, magazine or department store?

For me the answer is vintage.  Sure fashion insiders have become savvy to vintage finds, and what used to be an untouched market, has become an over saturated, vendor heavy industry.  But, as history has always proven…it does repeat itself.  And with that, my newest obsession are vintage levis.

Their resurrection has been creeping steadily, just by looking on instagram there’s a plethora of cutoffs.  But now the 90’s staple is making it’s way back in their full length with the latest Manolo’s.  Come spring, denim houses will be clamoring to make their version of an old pair of levis.  Happy Holidays!  xoxo