June 27, 2017

Our weather has been so nice lately, not too hot with a pleasant breeze. Every weekend my husband is asking for a beach day, and for those of you who know me…I don’t do beach days. Not because I don’t enjoy relaxing and watching the waves crash, but I’m just not a fan of the sun. It wreaks havoc on so much and don’t enjoy over compensating for dry hair and skin after I come out of the sun.

The other afternoon I was out with my mom and aunt getting the kids frozen yogurt, and I came across these really fun, oversized sun hats. When I tried it on I instantly felt like I belonged in Europe somewhere. Being that my husband insisted we buy a bike for me a few weekends ago, this was the perfect accessory to keep me from looking like my dogs treat of crispy pig skin.

Sun hats can get pretty expensive, but honestly this is an accessory I’d taper back on. A lesser priced option not only will do the job, they have just as much cool factor as a $400 priced one.

If you see what looks like a traveling palapa coming your way, don’t be shy, it’s just me traveling with my shade.

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