Call of the Wild

Paper-Mache-UnicornI’ve been obsessed lately with antlers.  Yarn bombed, resin, natural, it doesn’t matter I love the raw look of the outdoors.  Now granted in order to get antlers the unthinkable has to happen, so lets just say I haven’t had the heart.  In thinking ahead of updating my son’s “big boy” room I’d love to add a pair of yarn bombed antlers.  I don’t know if I can pull the trigger (total pun) but I do love looking at all the inspiration.  xoxo

scandinavian-home-accessories-antler-white-gold-lilactumblr_m7zmxe4eWt1r081g3o1_500antlerwall233c3fc52afed6646378ffc0f0922bb4contrastantlers - living etcantlers-2rowsroom3-1024x1024Yarn Bombed antlers^…Love!