Ready, Set, Go!



Athletic wear is not just for workouts anymore…There was a time that wearing leggings and sneakers past noon was a total faux pas, but these days it’s becoming more and more chic.  So much so, that during the summer, articles were being written about, gasp!, how denim is OUT!  Although I don’t ever think we’ll see the death of denim, leggings and sneakers are definitely having their moment…And it might just be here to stay.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Burgundy_NB_sneakers-street-styleallerretour.org_hbr7wl-l-610x610-shoes-nike-nikes-black-shoes-black-nikes-sneakers-casual-black-and-white-jeans-style-fashion-runners-sleek-smart-denim-streetwear-streetstyle-street-stylewhite-sneakers-street-style-1gotta-love-sneakers-streetstyle-pics-6-464x696c1813e6d2fc6c51d714981de78a4dc25Photo Cred…Vogue, Sincerely Jules, unidentified.