Summer Sales!

Shopping-Bags-Street-StyleSummer sales are in full effect. Not only can you find “wear now” bargains, but there are many transition pieces that you can find at a fraction of the cost. Be smart with your purchases, look for holes in your closet that need to be filled. Light cashmere’s and layering pieces are always smart buys, platform flip flops on the other hand…keep moving. My dad always taught me, “you can go broke buying sales”, so don’t loose all your marbles when you see SALE! Happy Monday, xoxo.

aea8207d5ed9f244c7a66823a4344566Cute Splendid wrap effect dress. Wear now with gladiators or later with over the knee boots or layered over leather pants.

INHF-WK90_V1Inhabit navy blue cashmere sweater. Great transition piece into fall, but completely wearable during the summer.

9b8382a072c90591b1a5c69e5ae7c9e6You can never go wrong with a great blazer.

RAQU-WS131_V1Cute trapeze top worn now or later.

DRKS-WS27_V1Rick Owens tunic top.

APC-WS29_V1A chambray denim blouse can go directly into fall with the same leather pants you purchased earlier.

LAGF-WD3_V1You can do no wrong with a LBD.

ETOI-WP18_V2We’ll be seeing a lot more track pants in the fall. This is a good piece to get on sale.

Keep filling those holes slowly!



Suit Up!

Men in suits no doubt look distinguished, polished and sexy.  I’m not quite sure if my personal style could carry off such a conservative look, but I find suits on women just as classic and sexy as men.  Although I’m a huge fan of women in masculine clothes, sometimes the lines of a suit take it a bit further than what I’m personally comfortable wearing.

In bringing some femininity into a suit look, I love big chunky necklaces, deep v necks without blouses and of course a beautiful shoe.  Cropping the pants, throwing your jacket over your shoulders and bringing in a bright feminine color adds to the appeal of wearing a suit.  Whether in the work place or a night out on the town, a beautifully tailored suit is a “can’t go wrong” option.  xoxo

Love a white tailored suit

A beautiful bright color adds instant femininity

Love this non traditional white

Although technically not a suit, you can’t go wrong with all black

Not Just Casual Fridays!

Being from L.A. casual style has always been our dress code.  Angeleno’s have been looked down upon because flip flops usually takes precedence over Jimmy [Choo.] Even though fashionistas like to throw daggers at L.A’s style, I think the rest of the world is hearing our casual call.  That doesn’t mean sweatpants, scrunchies and birkenstock’s, but an understated elegance seems to be the wave of the future.

Street style is a huge source of individual inspiration and busy day to day living requires casual, comfortable street wear.  With so many of us multitasking from wife to mother to business women, our closets need to reflect our everyday lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to dress like it was fashion week everyday, but the call of morning drop off is a little more like it.  xoxo

I love leather with just about anything.

A grey sweatshirt is a staple in my wardrobe.

This dark blue chambray is perfection.

Everyone needs a military inspired something!

A blazer, a tee and denim is my go to.

An old ratty college tee is easily brought to life under a white blazer.




Lately I’ve been pretty bored with my wardrobe.  There are days that I stare aimlessly at my closet muttering “I have nothing to wear.”  I don’t really understand it.  I make conscious purchases, timely edits and somehow I can’t find anything worthy.  Maybe those are days I’m PMS-ing.  FYI not the days to go out and buy clothing.  Guaranteed you’ll come home with a pair of fuschia gauchos that you’ve been made to believe are next season’s must have.

With that said, a good solution to the uninspired moment is a blazer.  A clean, well cut blazer makes everything from a pair of holey jeans to a summer skirt look and feel new again.  Be aware of the variety of blazers out on the market.  Boyfriend, cropped, linen, wool, colored even sequin can be found from J Crew to Isabel Marant.  Keep in mind your lifestyle and persona.  Buying a satin, big shoulder blazer might not be the look you’re going for at the baseball field.;) xoxo

J Crew linen school boy blazer.  Great for summer.