bronze-Kors-bbt-S14-007Summer has arrived, and with it comes a more relaxed way of living.  From less make up to easy BBQ’s, summer’s are meant for slowing down and taking a few extra moments.

For me, the less is more attitude definitely shines during this time of year.  And with that, a clean, glowing, make up free face is perfection.  The warmer temps and higher humidity brings a natural moisture that often times needs a little taming, but I’ll take a shiny forehead over dry creases any day.  Keep your routines simple and don’t forget the sunblock.  xoxo

Natural make up, glowing skin…


Keeping the Glow

We’re finally seeing fall temps across the coasts.  I for one am happy to leave the cutoffs behind and start wearing a proper fall wardrobe.  The one thing i’ll miss is that summer glow.  Although we know better than to sunbathe, we seem to always want the “healthy” tan…a fake glow is the way to go.

Chanel recently released a special edition compact featuring shimmery bronze and gold tones.  My favorite, distributed by Kevyn Aucoin, features a more classic bronzer with a hint of shimmer.  Keep your brush strokes light when applying bronzer.  Sun-kissed skin doesn’t translate to a burnt brownie.;)  xoxo

Chanel limited edition bronzer

Kevyn Aucoin bronzer with shimmer

Bobbi Brown offers a wide variety of bronzers