A Jean Story…

OD-BE268_DENIM_G_20141031111132If you believe everything that you hear, you would of thrown out all of your denim because “denim is out”. Last year, according to NBC news, The Today Show and even the WSJ all reported that denim has seen their day and that the yoga pant was replacing them…blah, blah, blah. Thankfully, I believe it to not be the case and denim has even had an up tick with vintage levis leading the charge.

Denim has definitely evolved over the past 10+ years. Some of that evolution has been life changing and some of the change has stripped away the classic styling of what denim was. Even though the introduction of elastane was an amazing push forward, I find the non denim, “denim” fabrics to be underwhelming. The big denim brands, JBrand, AG, Rag and Bone etc have kind of hit a plateau. I find the fabrics monotonous and boring and the fit just to be okay. I’m not sure where the next big denim trend will be coming from, but for now I find myself reaching for my trusted, 100 % real denim, vintage levis. Happy Tuesday! xoxo


Reaching New Heights

The-Drama-Forever-Blue-HR-1024x676Life has been moving at a fast pace lately.  Every time I turn around there’s a deadline, a client or a school project that needs attending to.  Fashion is no different when it comes to trends, and fashion weeks have been making their rounds showcasing what will be the next, latest greatest.

Colored denim has basically seen it’s day and the newest trend, lets say, will take you to new heights.  High waisted jeans are in full effect, and honestly I’m not mad at that.  The 1970’s Jane Birkin, Ali Macgraw vibe is sexy, laid back and definitely sophisticated.  A high waist is not the easiest trend to pull off if you’re under 5’8, but doable with a sexy daytime wedge or evening heel.  Either way don’t be scared off by a “mom jean” perception.  2014 is sure to be the start of a love affair “reaching new heights.”  xoxo



Beauty in Blues

denim9Fashion is a revolving door of trends.  I guess Project Runway got it right when they coined, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.”  Knowing that, styling is what becomes important.  Keeping up with the trends is a loosing battle, and one that the fashion industry depends on to keep it profitable.  No doubt that updating a wardrobe is necessary, but knowing what works for you and playing with what’s in your closet is really where the creativity happens.

Denim is a fashion staple and for the “everyday” woman it’s our go to necessity.  Falling into a rut is common, especially with denim, but it’s also the most user friendly and versatile.  Here is some tuesday inspiration to maybe lift that “jeans again” feeling.

tumblr_m5nn26OqdJ1ruh1b0o1_50034cbe00d905ee0d91edf4260aa1d287edenim fall fashion trends 2010 18092474300519161_cLerpAff_f50-Denim-Street-Style-Ideas-18wpid-Photo-01102013-1040-AMwpid-Photo-01102013-1034-AMwpid-Photo-30092013-753-PMLove this whole look.  A fresh glow with denim is always a do.

In Distress (ed)

la-modella-mafia-Street-Style-2013-chic-distressed-denim-1Distressed denim has been high on the must have list for what seems like decades.  Each generation has it’s way of dressing the staple.  Whether high waisted, low waisted, pockets exposed, button undone, worn with heels vs flats etc etc, the styling is endless with this laid back appeal.

Lately, my eye is being pulled towards black distressed denim.  I love the added edginess that black brings and you can still consider it a basic/classic splurge.  The only thing I would caution about is the amount of distressing the denim holds.  Too much of a good thing can just plainly be…too much.  xoxo


Close to The Vest

We definitely know it’s Spring, 75 degrees one day, 55 the next. Wearing transitional pieces is key during this time of year.  Although full coats aren’t really necessary, cool nights still make it a must for a cover up.  That’s why I’m loving vest’s at the moment.  I find them easy to wear and they give just the right amount of warmth during the mild drops in temps. The options seem to be endless, fur, denim, military, even knitwear can be found in a vest cut.  Either way mix and match and try something new.  xoxo



 In surfing aimlessly on the computer I found myself at one of my favorite websites, Net-a-Porter.  It’s such an amazing site.  Net-a-Porter has a wide variety of incredible designers as well as a blend of high and low necessities:).
You can find great basics, denim, workwear, even wedding splurges in their boutique pages.  At the same time you can find extremely high end must have’s from Balmain and Rick Owens.  I’ve chosen a few of my favorite pieces and I hope it perks up a little bit a curiosity to check out their site.  Happy hunting…xoxo