Fashion and Friendships

Girlfriends_cphfw_streetstyle_polarisjournal1One of my favorite past times is people watching.  So much is told without the use of words.  One example is watching friends interacting with each other and how their style of dress compliments, mimics and sometimes shadows each one of them.  I believe that there is a subconscious happening that with more time spent with besties, styles start to morph into what we feel is familiar.  Before we know it we’re dressing one another through subconscious thinking.  Honestly, when it comes to the psychology of what makes us want to dress a certain way, I have to admit I’m no expert.  But there’s definitely something to fashion and friendships.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

street-style-part7-01_150058572674streets-of-parisNYFW-Streetstyle-Roundup-Part-3-25545471583_7477fff56a_bWhat-Your-Street-Style-Pose-Meanstwo-girls_garance-dore_2  Photo Cred–Garance Dore, Tumbler, Blonde Salad

To the Dark Side

hbz6Monday’s post was all about winter white’s.  Being that we’re in a cold snap and NYFW is getting on it’s way, black will no doubt be the chosen color.  It will forever be the go to classic and flawlessly, eternally chic.  If you’re ever in doubt about buying another black piece, put the insecurity away, black is always money well spent.  xoxo

ImageProxy.mvcLove, Love this look!

blackstreet-style-by-streetfsn-all-black-everythin-L-kfteottumblr_lzvcaoonPM1qiea6xo1_5001647-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Jerry-Yu-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-New-York-City-Street-Style-Fashion-Blog_21E9061Black_and_Greyblack-leather-jacket-vancouver-fashion-weekParis-Fashion-Week-Street-Style-Fall-2012-6tumblr_ma1djcwakx1r44rcjo1_500tumblr_lzcq1eQRlK1r4nrh6o1_400In my opinion, the queen of black…Mandana!



Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s from reading favorite books or rummaging through countless magazines. Or simply watching and observing chic people, I’m always looking to be inspired. I love that feeling of being limitless and the emotional growth that happens with inspiration.

I came across the Senior Vice President, Fashion Director and store presentation for Bergdorf Goodman, Linda Fargo. She chronicles her inspirations in a Moleskin type notebook. Just looking through it you can see that she’s incredibly chic and has amazing style. Take a look at some of the highlights of fashion week. Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration from her incredible experiences…xoxo