FullSizeRenderNone of us can escape the “dreaded” aging. We’re told that 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s are the new something, whatever that means! Regardless of what propaganda is being sold to us, the fact still remains we are the age we are. So what do we do about it? We’re bombarded with quick fixes, youthful images, that by the way are under the age of 20, and a society that still, no matter how many times we tell ourselves is changing, values and idolizes perfection in beauty.

Well, the reality is perfection does not exist. Not anywhere in the world have I come across perfection. Not in beauty, sports, business or just plain life. But somehow we get sold that striving for perfection is what’s going to make us happy. Looking younger than our age, having a body that defies gravity and a head of hair that looks like a horses mane is what we’ve been sold is the pinnacle of beauty.

Well people, it’s all BS. What we see day in and day out is fake sh*t. Everything from fake photos to fake hair run our social media feeds. I struggle with this daily. I, just like everyone else, like beauty. Of course, we’re all drawn to a perception of what beauty is, and I totally believe it’s okay to bleach, inject and smooth whatever your heart desires. But honestly, where does true beauty come from?

I completely believe it comes from within. The radiance, the confidence and the inner stillness is what permeates true beauty. We’ve all seen it, heck we’ve all experienced it on those days that we feel perfectly balanced. You can’t buy that inner glow. For that inner glow, you have to work for it. Hat tip to my friend Roger for making me realize this.

What does that mean? It means, do the work to get to know who you are. Not just surface stuff like what you like to eat, to drive or what designer bags you like. But who are you at the core? What drives you to be a better person? What lessons and legacy’s do you want to leave the one’s that you will one day leave? I know I know, kinda heavy, but this could be a starting point to bring inner happiness which I guarantee will bring inner glow.

Trust me, I’m no expert. I try to learn everyday from my experiences, my mistakes and others who at different times may be doing it better than me. Growth happens at every stage. Our bodies may not necessarily like the “growing” but I guarantee if we feed our minds our bodies won’t care sagging behind us. Take a few minutes everyday to sit in your stillness. Breath in the success you are and are becoming. It may not be easy at first, but like with anything practice makes precise (not perfection.) My husband gave me that line. 😉 Make sure you read my lastest article about breast enhancement pills reviewed by Samanta. Happy Monday! xoxo


bronze-Kors-bbt-S14-007Summer has arrived, and with it comes a more relaxed way of living.  From less make up to easy BBQ’s, summer’s are meant for slowing down and taking a few extra moments.

For me, the less is more attitude definitely shines during this time of year.  And with that, a clean, glowing, make up free face is perfection.  The warmer temps and higher humidity brings a natural moisture that often times needs a little taming, but I’ll take a shiny forehead over dry creases any day.  Keep your routines simple and don’t forget the sunblock.  xoxo

Natural make up, glowing skin…


Keeping The Glow

trsl02_gucciThe past week has been challenging, between being displaced from our home with a small remodel, to the lack of sleep that comes with it all, trying to keep a healthy fresh glow becomes an uphill struggle.  In times of some serious facial rescue I turn to moisturizing, revitalizing masks.  A non-abrasive, gentle mask can add back in the life that is sucked out with all the stress.  Of course there’s no substitute for a long, deep, good night’s rest, but a little help from a jar can at least give us 5 minutes to breath.  xoxo

SK-II_facial_treatment_mask_2-714007SKII Facial Mask…A favorite of Demi Moore

Sisley-Black-Rose-Cream-Mask2Sisley Black Rose Mask…A favorite of mine.