Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Terry-Richardson-05Every year spring marks a rebirth, new beginnings. I start getting a bit neurotic with cleaning, donating, looking for new must have items and an overall look change. I normally am not a drastic jump before I look kinda girl, but I do like to shake it up every once in a while.

Lately, hair bangs have been my newest obsession. Especially worn with loose curls and a choppy layer, bangs can add edge to a good girl look. I will forever be that 70’s hair, long and parted down the middle groupie, but I just may be looking for a little more fringe in my life. Happy Tuesday! xoxo

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Pony Up

ghjsurmrpeiou3pbxjkyi6vxp0rnyav01zduop0mocwSummer can sometimes feel disheveled.  As laid back and carefree summer portrays itself to be, it can be down right exhausting and my appearance is what suffers.  When it comes to hair the summer humidity is not our friend.  Whether you were born with stick straight hair or the unruly curl, weather can reek havoc, and for me, make me look like I have a cotton ball on my head.

A sleek low ponytail is my summer go to style.  Not only is it functional in cooling me down, it’s a quick, chic solution for that “oh crap” moment.  The bonus with a ponytail this year is that come fall the tails will still be prancing.  xoxo


Backstage Beauty

The shows have ended and Lincoln Center, by tomorrow morning, will be back to business as usual.  Spring/Summer 2013 was filled with joyful color, femininity and overall beauty.  I for one, regardless of trends or “it” moments, am always about pretty, and NYFW s/s 2013 was just that.

Backstage, the make up artists and hair stylists followed suit.  Even though there were some edgy moments, a la Proneza Schouler and Alexander Wang, the reign of classic beauty prevailed.  Simple ponytails, rosy bee stung lips and a natural glowing glow took center stage.  One other re-emerging trend, is the move back to nude and pale pink nails.  Although it’s difficult to be thinking of spring, feeling like we haven’t said goodbye summer yet, spring 2013 looks to be a “happy” one.  Now, lets hear it for FALL! xoxo

Pale Nails

Alexander Wang…A bit edgy with no eyebrows, but skin looks flawless

Love the peach cheek at Rebecca Minkoff



No Fuss, Bed Head

I don’t know if it’s common practice not to use a brush to comb your hair, but  I personally never take a hair brush out to groom.  So I guess by default I walk around with “bed head” consistently.  The pulling and ripping of hair follicles out of my scalp is not one that I find physically pleasing.  With that said, I do find an unkept/kept head of hair sexy.

Not everyone has enough natural body to just leave their hair alone.  There’s no doubt that styling “no fuss” hair takes a bit of work.  Usually the best time to do this is the day you wash your hair.  Dry and style as usual, adding finger curls sprayed with hair spray.  Once you’ve added body, try to leave it alone.  The more you play with your hair, the more the natural oils from your hands settle in it.  Which weighs your hair down over time.  Finding a product that will allow you to refresh your hair in the morning is key.  Unfortunately trial and error is the only way to find the product that works best for you.  Don’t work so hard, keep it loose and relaxed.  Summer is the best time of year to just let go.  xoxo

Love the ease of a pulled back chignon.