No, Not a Tourist

D525D9E9B8BD9CEBD6BE90A024It was once thought that you could spot an american tourist by their white sneakers. Today, that belief is obsolete. From Europe to the America’s, white sneakers are a full blown fashion statement. Stan Smith and shell toe Adidas have been seen on everyone from fashion editors to royalty, but now the big fashion houses Givenchy, Isabel Marant and even Alexander McQueen want in on the action. My suggestion, don’t run out and spend $800 on a white sneaker, you’re right in the mix with a $75 classic.  xoxo

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Crazy For Isabel…

isabel-marant-pour-hm-1024x614Isabel Marant for H&M isn’t due to hit stores till November, but today part of the lookbook “leaked.”  There’s no denying the designers style and the low cost pieces are amazing.  We see familiar aztecan prints and her signature embellished jackets, but my favorite piece that I will definitely be scouring for is the fringed cardigan…Love, love, love.  Here are a few looks.  Hope you enjoy.  xoxo

attachment890198-1_l890202-1_l890210-1_l890212-1_l890214-1_lHave to have this cardigan!…

Romping Around

Summer seems to have finally arrived.  When the beaches reach 75 degrees, we can’t ask for much more.  It’s a perfect time of year to bring out jumpsuits/rompers.  I literally pulled out a $20 jumpsuit I bought from Forever 21 4 years ago.  It’s light weight and effortless cool makes it a perfect day to evening piece.  Changing the accessories, replacing sandals with flats and adding a leather jacket gives just the right amount of chic to enjoy an outdoor dinner.  Lightweight cottons and a flash of skin is really all we need.  Just don’t forget to moisturize!  xoxo


Lately I’ve been pretty bored with my wardrobe.  There are days that I stare aimlessly at my closet muttering “I have nothing to wear.”  I don’t really understand it.  I make conscious purchases, timely edits and somehow I can’t find anything worthy.  Maybe those are days I’m PMS-ing.  FYI not the days to go out and buy clothing.  Guaranteed you’ll come home with a pair of fuschia gauchos that you’ve been made to believe are next season’s must have.

With that said, a good solution to the uninspired moment is a blazer.  A clean, well cut blazer makes everything from a pair of holey jeans to a summer skirt look and feel new again.  Be aware of the variety of blazers out on the market.  Boyfriend, cropped, linen, wool, colored even sequin can be found from J Crew to Isabel Marant.  Keep in mind your lifestyle and persona.  Buying a satin, big shoulder blazer might not be the look you’re going for at the baseball field.;) xoxo

J Crew linen school boy blazer.  Great for summer.

Keeping it Moving

Resort wear is what we’re seeing hit the stores now.  Honestly, this is my favorite season.  I find the fashions easy to wear, light fabrics that work for us living here in L.A., and colorful enough to work well into summer.  I tend to buy more during this season for summer than summer itself.  But really, I don’t discriminate;).  Anyway, we’re also seeing shoes starting to walk themselves in.  I’m really loving more “long” wearing shoes.  My lifestyle, at this moment, is requiring me to be more on my feet, so comfortable heels and flats are a must. I’m personally taking more of a utilitarian point of view when it comes to footwear.  Don’t get me wrong, Louboutin’s and Manolo’s aren’t dead to me, just taking a nap.  xoxo

Alexander Wang

Isabel Marant…My personal fave

Christian Dior, so cute with shorts, dresses and a variation of denim styles

Having a Moment

Prints, at the moment, are out in full force.  Everyone from Isabel Marant to J Crew is having their “moment”.  Although I’m looking forward to colored denim’s departure, I am loving the variation of prints.  When wearing so much color I find muted tops and/or fun blazers work best for the everyday person.  Prints aren’t for everyone, for some it feels too youthful.  But play around with your comfort zone.  A pair of leopard flats may be all you can stomach.  xoxo

Isabel Marant Navajo Pant

Rag and Bone is having a moment with me!


All these amazing pictures are from some incredible photographers, unfortunately I don’t always know the original source to credit.  But many photos come from Tommy Ton, The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, (among other’s) and publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Blinging In the New Year

2011 is coming to an end.  I always find this time of year bitter sweet.  The unknown has never been a favorite feeling.  Although there’s always excitement with “in with the new”, the realist in me knows that changes are always on the horizon (good or bad).  Enough with the insecurities. What’s most important?  What are we wearing to ring in 2012!?  This is the perfect time of year to bring the bling.  Sequins, lame, even tassels (giggle) can be a go.  Remember to think in opposites.  Sequins with leather, denim, motorcycle boots can keep you from looking totally like a light bulb.  Regardless of what’s draping you, have fun, live for the moment and be thankful for all that’s possible.  xoxo

Love the casual tee with the pants

Here’s the sequins with denim look…great!


Isabel Marant seems to always get it right!

Channeling the 60’s

We’re in the middle of what’s probably going to be a cooold season!  But looking at all the Resort wear, I can’t help to look ahead at S/S 2012.  One collection that I’m really anticipating hitting the stores is Isabel Marant.  I love the bohemian chic she showed during fashion week and especially the tie dye pants…so cool!  It seems like we can’t away from re-inventing past decades, but at least we can pick and choose the best from them.  xoxo

Photo by Style by Kling