Lace Up!

tumblr_lva4mfPD7t1qbvm7do1_500Lately I’ve been all about lace. Being that I’m not a girlie girl, lace has never really called my name. But as of recently, and coming from a place of juxtaposition, I’m loving lace with old vintage levis, of course the standard leather pants and maybe even a pair of distressed cords. Lace has changed it’s stripes a bit. I’m not so sure it’s the “good girl” anymore. Have a great weekend! xoxo



vanessa-jackman4d84707ad8976308004a686cc1e390fbPhoto Cred// Tommy Ton, 21 eme, Tumbler



Now that we’ve had a couple of days to adjust to the time change, it’s exciting to know that warmer weather is on the horizon.  The longer days give way for outdoor dinners, longer walks on the beach or park and an overall feeling that hunkering down by 6pm is no longer a pre-requisite of fall.  It’s also that time again for the dreaded spring cleaning.  You know, out with the old…

Determining what to keep and what to donate can be daunting.  Is the denim shirt, the colored jeans and the nautical stripes from spring 2011 relevant now?  Will today’s trends of pastels, lace and florals stand the test of time? (or at least till next spring.)  The answer really is, who knows?  Trends are all what you make it.  Your personal style and interpretation is what it’s is all about.

With these crazy economic times, shopping our closets has never rung so true.  One of the best things about summer is that function out weighs form in many ways.  Wearing leather pants when it’s 90 degrees out will never be amazing when they look like they’re melting off of you.  Same rings true with some of today’s trends.  Leave the neon bras, worn underneath a lace top, in the 80’s where they belong.

Not a whole lot has changed from spring 2011.  Although I’m exhausted with colored denim, it’s a trend that will last again till fall.  Adding a pastel yellow with cobalt jeans or a lavender tee with your fire engine skinnies, will not only keep you on trend with color blocking, but it brings in a newness with a pastel must have.  Either way, now is the time to enjoy the outdoors and ease up a bit on the slavery of fashion.  xoxo

Really love these Coral Gables burnt out tees by Nation Ltd.  They come in a mix of colors.  Worn with your colored denim, flip flops and an arm full of candy, staying cool never looked so hot.

The easter bunny trend^, but worn with last years must haves (denim shirt and nautical stripes.)