Summer Sales!

Shopping-Bags-Street-StyleSummer sales are in full effect. Not only can you find “wear now” bargains, but there are many transition pieces that you can find at a fraction of the cost. Be smart with your purchases, look for holes in your closet that need to be filled. Light cashmere’s and layering pieces are always smart buys, platform flip flops on the other hand…keep moving. My dad always taught me, “you can go broke buying sales”, so don’t loose all your marbles when you see SALE! Happy Monday, xoxo.

aea8207d5ed9f244c7a66823a4344566Cute Splendid wrap effect dress. Wear now with gladiators or later with over the knee boots or layered over leather pants.

INHF-WK90_V1Inhabit navy blue cashmere sweater. Great transition piece into fall, but completely wearable during the summer.

9b8382a072c90591b1a5c69e5ae7c9e6You can never go wrong with a great blazer.

RAQU-WS131_V1Cute trapeze top worn now or later.

DRKS-WS27_V1Rick Owens tunic top.

APC-WS29_V1A chambray denim blouse can go directly into fall with the same leather pants you purchased earlier.

LAGF-WD3_V1You can do no wrong with a LBD.

ETOI-WP18_V2We’ll be seeing a lot more track pants in the fall. This is a good piece to get on sale.

Keep filling those holes slowly!



Oxford’s, Just for Men!?

Loving me some oxford’s for spring…and beyond.  I used to have a pair of oxford’s I wore with my school uniform.  I vividly remember someone asking me why I wore such masculine shoes, I guess even back then I liked the mix of masculine with feminine.  Oxford’s, and loafer’s for that matter, have made a full circle back to girlie status.  They are a great alternative to a simple flat and with so many options of leathers and soles, they make for hours of comfortable walking.  Maybe now would be a good time to try out a pair of blue suede shoes. 😉 xoxo


Boots are Made for Walking!

It’s difficult to be talking about boots, where here on the west coast we’ve had a week long of 100 degree temps.  But as bizarrely warm as it’s been, being caught off guard in flip flops isn’t so cute!

Boots are taking all shapes and sizes for the moment.  Short, tall, leather or suede, all are ripe for the picking.  I’m really loving saddle colored boots right now.  Actually, saddle colored anything (hint: bag) is my latest obsession.  Maison Martin Margiela has an amazing distressed pair that keep trying to lure me in.  Whether worn with a skirt or skinnies, find a pair that are not only comfortable, but that you keep taking out of your closet season after season.  Enjoy the summer days while we have them, but know it’s a changing soon.  xoxo


Pre-Fall Already?!

Mens blazer with twist
Memorial day seems to be the unofficial start of summer. Warm nights, long barbecues and finally an “easy” season for clothes…What!, pre-season showings of fall fashions? Fashion is so fickle and honestly a bit crazy making, but along with the fast pace of trending, there also comes the great sales that are about to start. This is a good time to purchase classic pieces and continue building your wardrobe at a discount. Yes, it’s summer fashions that are on sale, but you can find cashmere, blazers and light leathers that will be wearable well into the fall season. Stick with classic cuts and fabrics and always stay true to your individual style. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal, you can go broke buying discount! xoxo
Cashmere Cardigan
Rick Owens washed leather jacket

Some of my Faves

Levi’s made and crafted
Jeans have been our everyday staple as well as our evening go to style for many, many seasons. This is probably our one common thread year after year that has never left and isn’t going anywhere fast. A couple of posts back I mentioned how the flare has made it’s way back from the seventies, but there’s also another style that’s fast becoming a trend setter. The crop pant is also from another famous era, the 50’s. This trend is incredibly feminine and easy to dress up if you’re looking for an alternative style of dress. I would caution however, that because the crop pant hits above the ankle, sometimes this can be a daring choice. I would recommend pairing them with a high heel and a beautiful blouse on top. I’ve chosen some of my favorite items in hopes that it will give you inspiration in putting your look together. Enjoy! xoxo


 When I think of YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) my brain automatically goes to amazing fashions, iconic handbags and the ever sold out tribute heel, but i’ve recently been introduced to their jewelry.  More specifically, rings.  I fell in love with the Arty ring.  It has a bohemian feel with couture lines.  It comes in a variety of colors and best of all the sizing starts at 4 so it allows for the petite girls to join in on the cool.  Look around for different retailers as not all of them carry the same colors.  Layer it up with bangles and bracelets, or allow for the ring to speak for itself.  Either way it’s sure to conjure up some attention.  xoxo


Summer Nights

With summer basically kicking off this weekend our wardrobe changes start taking a more relaxed approach.  I have to tell you that I am more a fan of the cooler months than I am of summer, but I do enjoy warm summer nights that accompany glowing skin.

We have quite a few choices when putting our looks together.  The maxi dress is still a go to staple.  It’s been around a while but updating your accessories will make it look and feel current.  The jumpsuit or romper is another option, it’s a bit more retro but makes a great statement for those laid back BBQ’S.  The look I’m really loving this season is the polished, tailored shorts with a blouse and gladiators.  I find it very sophisticated and easy to wear day or night.  Pair this option with a loose ponytail and a clutch and your sure to glow with perfection. xoxo


 In surfing aimlessly on the computer I found myself at one of my favorite websites, Net-a-Porter.  It’s such an amazing site.  Net-a-Porter has a wide variety of incredible designers as well as a blend of high and low necessities:).
You can find great basics, denim, workwear, even wedding splurges in their boutique pages.  At the same time you can find extremely high end must have’s from Balmain and Rick Owens.  I’ve chosen a few of my favorite pieces and I hope it perks up a little bit a curiosity to check out their site.  Happy hunting…xoxo