Summer Sales!

Shopping-Bags-Street-StyleSummer sales are in full effect. Not only can you find “wear now” bargains, but there are many transition pieces that you can find at a fraction of the cost. Be smart with your purchases, look for holes in your closet that need to be filled. Light cashmere’s and layering pieces are always smart buys, platform flip flops on the other hand…keep moving. My dad always taught me, “you can go broke buying sales”, so don’t loose all your marbles when you see SALE! Happy Monday, xoxo.

aea8207d5ed9f244c7a66823a4344566Cute Splendid wrap effect dress. Wear now with gladiators or later with over the knee boots or layered over leather pants.

INHF-WK90_V1Inhabit navy blue cashmere sweater. Great transition piece into fall, but completely wearable during the summer.

9b8382a072c90591b1a5c69e5ae7c9e6You can never go wrong with a great blazer.

RAQU-WS131_V1Cute trapeze top worn now or later.

DRKS-WS27_V1Rick Owens tunic top.

APC-WS29_V1A chambray denim blouse can go directly into fall with the same leather pants you purchased earlier.

LAGF-WD3_V1You can do no wrong with a LBD.

ETOI-WP18_V2We’ll be seeing a lot more track pants in the fall. This is a good piece to get on sale.

Keep filling those holes slowly!



Wrap it Up

It’s chilly chilly!  And here on the west coast layering is our best friend.  One minute it’s 50 degrees, then 70 the next.  One of my favorite pieces is a scarf.  With so many different fabrics, scarves are as warm, or not, as we need them to be.  And along with temperature control, chicness comes by default.  So wether worn to cover a bad hair day or just to cover up from the cold, invest in a good wrap, it will last you decades.  Btw, they make great gifts.  xoxo




Chap My Hide!

At the beginning of the year I came across a pair of jeans that I was completely obsessed over.  They were a hybrid of half leather chap, half blue denim.  I scoured the internet trying to find my size but I was too late.  It seemed like everyone else was onto the secret earlier than me. I put the obsessing on the back burner and continued on with life.  During the spring I went on a girls outing and found a pair.  They were black denim instead of blue, but that didn’t matter, I was like a lion salivating over it’s prey. (not really, but it sounds good ;))  Nevertheless they didn’t have my size and lets just say I left disappointed.  Low and behold I was on the ShopBop website earlier this week and I FOUND THEM!  They even had my size.  I know what you’re thinking, I must have bought them right then and there.  Well, I didn’t.  I saved them in my cart, took a breath and stepped away from my computer for 3 days.  I wanted to see if I loved them as much as I conditioned myself too.  Well, I did and I pushed the button.  My obsession with them continued, and what I’ve learned about myself and shopping, is that my first gut reaction is usually the right one.  And, whats the risk?  If I look like I’m walking on my knees….they’ll go back!  xoxo

Oh, by the way, they’re R13 leather chap jean

Garden Party

Spring is definitely in the air.  The sun keeps making a repeat appearance and flowers are blooming, literally and figuratively.  Because color has become a closet staple, there’s nothing easier to bring it to life like wearing flowers.  Whether you’re embracing the pastel theme or continuing with bold colors, floral motifs are everywhere.  Personally, not being a “girly” girl myself, I’m not drawn to the whimsical vibe of flowers.  But as Elin Kling and Olivia Palermo show below, there are different variations of the trend that don’t necessarily represent blooms.  Either way embrace color, it’s here to stay, or at least for the time being.  xoxo

Elin Kling

Olivia Palermo not in florals but a cool on trend alternative.

Rebecca Taylor flower cami.  One of my favorites for spring, worn with any of the pastel skinnies.