Keeping The Glow

trsl02_gucciThe past week has been challenging, between being displaced from our home with a small remodel, to the lack of sleep that comes with it all, trying to keep a healthy fresh glow becomes an uphill struggle.  In times of some serious facial rescue I turn to moisturizing, revitalizing masks.  A non-abrasive, gentle mask can add back in the life that is sucked out with all the stress.  Of course there’s no substitute for a long, deep, good night’s rest, but a little help from a jar can at least give us 5 minutes to breath.  xoxo

SK-II_facial_treatment_mask_2-714007SKII Facial Mask…A favorite of Demi Moore

Sisley-Black-Rose-Cream-Mask2Sisley Black Rose Mask…A favorite of mine.