Cover Up!

honest-company-sunscreen-best-natural-kids-sunscreen-bottle-680x453Summer is in full bloom. The longer days, outdoor grilling and a more laid back lifestyle has me feeling like “I’m living the dream” lol. The flip side to living in lala land in my head, is the reality of frizzy hair, oily skin and hiding under hats and sunscreen trying to avoid the skin damaging rays.

Just this week the EWG (environmental working group) released their findings on sunscreen. And among the worsts one’s (causing more damage and being carcinogenic) were those we’ve come to trust over the years. Neutrogena, Coppertone and Banana Boat were at the top of the, do not use list.

I’ve been one to always buy Neutrogena, especially for my husband, so I quickly threw all those out and looked for what brands were safe and effective. Luckily what I wear and what my child wears was at the top of the “yes” list. So I’m hear to share with you my go to’s. Living in California, sunscreen is a year round endeavor. But unknowingly poisoning ourselves, obviously isn’t an option. Have a great tuesday! xoxoLP7423-2 Love Anthelios products. Beach days don’t happen without them.

UVClear520x320Elta MD is what I wear everyday without fail regardless of the season.

The-Honest-Company-logoAnd it’s no secret that I love everything in the Honest line. My son doesn’t leave the house without their sunscreen all over his body.

Photo Cred// Cup of Jo, Anthelios, Elta

All Cracked Up!

dry_skin_care_in_winterWinter not only brings nasty weather, it also wreaks havoc on our skin.  Our temps have been dry and cold and coupled with a running heater, we start molting like a shedding snake.  The only real solution is to keep lathering up with lotions.  Other than getting a bit messing it’s the only way to stay on top of dry skin.  Keep yourselves hydrated, starting from the inside is always the best policy and try to make nice with the cold weather.  Happy Thursday!  xoxo

wpid-Photo-9-Dec-2013-957-pmwpid-Photo-8-Dec-2013-1115-pm6wpid-Photo-11-Dec-2013-614-pm66E8CFF06DADE39F1E4A2D87354131A great product while still wet after a shower.  Neutrogena Sesame body oil.

30957Rodin body oil is great to add to your body lotion.


The Price of Beauty

Beauty routines and beauty essentials seem to be a never ending quest for perfection.  Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) “perfect” doesn’t exist.  The beauty industry is a $45 to $66 billion business, and the american woman spends an average of $12,000 a year in products and grooming.  That’s crazy!  Every time we stroll through the beauty counters we have a sales girl from each line trying to sell us “the dream.”  They manage to convince us that they know exactly what our skin needs and that we will miraculously look like the air brushed models in their campaigns.  Although taking care of our skin is no doubt a must, I’m just not sure that there is much of a difference between a $12 jar and $300 jar.

In keeping with the quest for perfect skin, prevention is always the best route.  Sunblock is probably the most important of products in keeping our skin from aging.  I know that sunblock can sometimes make our skin oily and prone to breakouts, but I’ll take a breakout or two now, versus countless lines later.  What do you think? xoxo

Penelope Cruz VogueIs a fan of L’Oreal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 Lotion

Gisele among others (Claudia Schiffer and Victoria Beckham), can’t live without Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Creme.

Jennifer Garner, Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 46 Daily Moisturizer

Angie Harmon, Bobbie Brown Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizer Balm

Jennifer Lopez, La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Ultra Light Fluid SPF 60

The common thread above is the SPF.  Yes they’re perfectly coiffed and have a ton of make up on, but a smooth healthy canvas gives way for a flawless finish.


Beauty From The Inside

Beauty comes from many different sources.  Genes, clean living, a pure heart (big one) and overall well being all play a part.  We seem to, most of the time, try to find youth and beauty from a bottle.  But in all honesty beauty comes from a deeper place.  How we take care of ourselves and what we put into our bodies play a huge role in aging.  We all know that sleep, hydration and exercise help with the everyday stresses that wear on our skin.  But there are, what we call, super foods that will help guide our bodies into a graceful aging process.  Aging doesn’t have to be the “voodoo” word that our society makes it out to be.  Supple, hydrated and glowing are key words that we look for when we look in the mirror.  With simple adjustments in the way we think and what we do, can help in moving us forward into natural beauty.  xoxo

A list of the 10 super foods are:

Blueberries, Salmon, Spinach, Oysters, Tomatoes, Walnuts, Kiwi, Dark Chocolate, Yogurt and Sweet Potatoes.

All of these foods serve a purpose in preserving different areas of aging.  For example you wouldn’t nessisarily consider dark chocolate as an anti aging food, but in reality it helps in keeping the skin hydrated and protects it from sun damage.  Now, moderation people, this isn’t a free for all for chocolate.

Products that promote healthy beautiful skin:

A good cleanser is really important to get rid of dirt and make up: I really like Cetephil on the cheap side and Dr. Perricone for the “designer” side.

A product with a retnoid is key for cell turnover: Olay Regenerist products have had amazing results.
Exfoliation is really important in unveiling new cell growth: The Clarisonic brush is the best