Ready, Set, Go!

  Athletic wear is not just for workouts anymore…There was a time that wearing leggings and sneakers past noon was a total faux pas, but these days it’s becoming more and more chic.  So much so, that during the summer, articles were being written about, gasp!, how denim is OUT!  Although I don’t ever think we’ll see the death of …


Fashion and Friendships

One of my favorite past times is people watching.  So much is told without the use of words.  One example is watching friends interacting with each other and how their style of dress compliments, mimics and sometimes shadows each one of them.  I believe that there is a subconscious happening that with more time spent with besties, styles start to …


What Rules!?

Old school fashion was plagued with endless rules of what was appropriate, and what was not.  Pushing the envelope not only was/is uncomfortable, but could put you in a space of ridicule and snickers.  Obviously over the decades freedom of expression has won out, but there still seems to be a bit of conforming to what society poses as cool, it or now. Lately, for me, …


Heat Relief

The heat and humidity definitely has me looking for an alternative to denim.  More and more a silk loose pant is becoming my staple.  A few seasons back wearing your pajamas out took center stage.  But these days, more out of necessity, that trend may be here a little longer.  Happy hump day!! xoxo


Nice Buns!

We’re making our way towards spring and that usually means a more laid back approach to beauty and fashion.  As temps rise and humidity starts to wreak havoc, we need sure fire styles to keep our mane under control. Chignon’s and buns are not just for grandma’s anymore.  The 21st century re-vamp has made buns ultra cool and sophisticated.  Whether …


40 and Fabulous

Kate Moss recently turned 40 and I don’t think there’s anyone cooler or chicer than her.  Kate has been a fashion icon for about 25 years and her impeccable personal style has never waivered.  She has a perfect combination of edgy, with classic but feminine vibe.  Even looking back to the Johnny Depp days, Kate has stayed true to her …


Park(a) It

Coats have taken center stage this season.  It used to be that one good coat would get you through the season(s).  But now, we have the “it” accessory in all types of textiles, cuts, colors and styles.  Living in Southern California, makes it difficult to splurge on an expensive coat.  Our weather never really gets so cold, that a thick …


Black on Black

Color rules at the moment.  From printed pants to jeweled toned blouses to bright, bold make-up, color is in the spotlight.  As “happy” as color perceives itself to be, I’m still a black, grey, navy kind of girl.  No doubt that a hint of color thrown in with the darks is a chic addition, but black on black, for me, …