Button Up

vogue-sunglasses-street-style-nataie-joos-australian-fashion-week-clementinebayYesterday marked the first day of fall, although at 80 degrees it feels more like the middle of August. I’m not quite ready to read, research or write about sweaters at the moment, but I am ready to transition out of sandals and tanks and into more of a sophisticated fall like wardrobe.

Blouses, for me, are a great transition and hold piece. There’s not one item sexier or more classic than a great blouse. Completely versatile and worn dressed up or down, a blouse brings individual style up a notch. From high end vintage to a more modest H&M find, a great cut blouse is easily accessible and affordable by everyone. As we move into a more sophisticated time of the year, button up and start reaching for those feminine touches. Have a great weekend.  xoxo


Photo Cred// Vogue, All women Stalk, Tumblr

A Jean Story…

OD-BE268_DENIM_G_20141031111132If you believe everything that you hear, you would of thrown out all of your denim because “denim is out”. Last year, according to NBC news, The Today Show and even the WSJ all reported that denim has seen their day and that the yoga pant was replacing them…blah, blah, blah. Thankfully, I believe it to not be the case and denim has even had an up tick with vintage levis leading the charge.

Denim has definitely evolved over the past 10+ years. Some of that evolution has been life changing and some of the change has stripped away the classic styling of what denim was. Even though the introduction of elastane was an amazing push forward, I find the non denim, “denim” fabrics to be underwhelming. The big denim brands, JBrand, AG, Rag and Bone etc have kind of hit a plateau. I find the fabrics monotonous and boring and the fit just to be okay. I’m not sure where the next big denim trend will be coming from, but for now I find myself reaching for my trusted, 100 % real denim, vintage levis. Happy Tuesday! xoxo



la-modella-mafia-Anja-Rubik-Model-Off-Duty-Street-Style-blazer-and-cropped-jeansBlazers are definitely having a moment (again.) They are classic, timeless and sometimes stuffy.  Whether worn with vintage levi’s, a pencil skirt, denim shorts or the obvious slacks, a blazer can pull a look together that has you conveying polished and confident.

There are many cuts to a blazer. Going cropped or long, flat lapeled or lifted, a classic silhouette will keep a blazer in your closet a lifetime. I personally love a wool blend blazer.  The weight of the fabric allows for a better fit, but where you live and your day to day activities may determine what’s the right blazer for you. Don’t be too concerned with it’s conservative nature, it’s the one item that goes from uptown to downtown in heartbeat.  xoxo



You are the Bomb…

Billede 11

Fall has finally hit us in LA.  Although we’re not experiencing the frigid temps that the mid-west has, we’re definitely into jacket weather.

Bomber jackets are at the top of my list for transitioning into fall.  Not only are they functional for the cooler nights, they add an unexpected twist to a traditional classic piece.  Worn with anything from skinnies to a pencil skirt, you’ll definitely “be the bomb” in your bomber.  Happy Monday!  xoxo


la-modella-mafia-model-off-duty-treet-style-Columbine-Smille-in-a-black-bomber-and-purple-print-Acne-pants27521910791bf3e746d732bdbc73e2032d41dastarbny8502Photo cred…La Modella, Stockholm, Street Style

Ready, Set, Go!



Athletic wear is not just for workouts anymore…There was a time that wearing leggings and sneakers past noon was a total faux pas, but these days it’s becoming more and more chic.  So much so, that during the summer, articles were being written about, gasp!, how denim is OUT!  Although I don’t ever think we’ll see the death of denim, leggings and sneakers are definitely having their moment…And it might just be here to stay.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Burgundy_NB_sneakers-street-styleallerretour.org_hbr7wl-l-610x610-shoes-nike-nikes-black-shoes-black-nikes-sneakers-casual-black-and-white-jeans-style-fashion-runners-sleek-smart-denim-streetwear-streetstyle-street-stylewhite-sneakers-street-style-1gotta-love-sneakers-streetstyle-pics-6-464x696c1813e6d2fc6c51d714981de78a4dc25Photo Cred…Vogue, Sincerely Jules, unidentified.

Fashion and Friendships

Girlfriends_cphfw_streetstyle_polarisjournal1One of my favorite past times is people watching.  So much is told without the use of words.  One example is watching friends interacting with each other and how their style of dress compliments, mimics and sometimes shadows each one of them.  I believe that there is a subconscious happening that with more time spent with besties, styles start to morph into what we feel is familiar.  Before we know it we’re dressing one another through subconscious thinking.  Honestly, when it comes to the psychology of what makes us want to dress a certain way, I have to admit I’m no expert.  But there’s definitely something to fashion and friendships.  Happy Monday!  xoxo

street-style-part7-01_150058572674streets-of-parisNYFW-Streetstyle-Roundup-Part-3-25545471583_7477fff56a_bWhat-Your-Street-Style-Pose-Meanstwo-girls_garance-dore_2  Photo Cred–Garance Dore, Tumbler, Blonde Salad

What Rules!?

4414-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Natalie-Ratabesi-SoHo-New-York-City-Street-Style_D4A5392Old school fashion was plagued with endless rules of what was appropriate, and what was not.  Pushing the envelope not only was/is uncomfortable, but could put you in a space of ridicule and snickers.  Obviously over the decades freedom of expression has won out, but there still seems to be a bit of conforming to what society poses as cool, it or now.

Lately, for me, conforming to the “rules” has taken a leap out the window.  I don’t know if it’s boredom, lack of inspiration (internally and externally) or just plain not caring, but dressing following what Vogue deems worthy is not my guiding factor.

Freedom of expression can be made through many different channels.  Wether it’s music, art, the written word or just plain style through dress, expressing yourself should be fun, dynamic and effortlessly achieved.  Take a moment and assess where you are in this moment…Is your creative self being expressed?  Happy Monday!  xoxo

Modeinesdelafressangeninexxxxolivia-palermo-poses-in-nyc_6Olivia Palermo, always an individual.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetnina-dobrev-promotes-lets-be-cops-all-over-new-york-10clemence poesyines1All these women show individual style.  Whether classic and clean like Olivia or a bit more unconventional like Maja Wyh, they all look amazing and one of a kind.