Nice Buns!

streetstyle7925-webWe’re making our way towards spring and that usually means a more laid back approach to beauty and fashion.  As temps rise and humidity starts to wreak havoc, we need sure fire styles to keep our mane under control.

Chignon’s and buns are not just for grandma’s anymore.  The 21st century re-vamp has made buns ultra cool and sophisticated.  Whether pulled low at the nape or high on the crown, wrapping our hair up has made skipping shampoo’s that much easier.  xoxo


40 and Fabulous

o-KATE-MOSS-STYLE-facebookKate Moss recently turned 40 and I don’t think there’s anyone cooler or chicer than her.  Kate has been a fashion icon for about 25 years and her impeccable personal style has never waivered.  She has a perfect combination of edgy, with classic but feminine vibe.  Even looking back to the Johnny Depp days, Kate has stayed true to her fashion foundation.  She continues to prove that at any age style prevails and it’s another example that growing older is exciting, beautiful and always on trend.  xoxo

Park(a) It

39f973cd84bda67402d422133377877b-copyCoats have taken center stage this season.  It used to be that one good coat would get you through the season(s).  But now, we have the “it” accessory in all types of textiles, cuts, colors and styles.  Living in Southern California, makes it difficult to splurge on an expensive coat.  Our weather never really gets so cold, that a thick winter coat is necessary.  Yesterday, for example, was almost 80 degrees.  Yes 80, and it was the first day of December.

A great alternative to a big winter coat is a cool, multi functional parka.  Not only is it easy to layer up, it usually comes with a detachable lining and hood, which makes it a year around coat, and for us, a better value.  No doubt every closet can use that statement coat, but a parka may be all the statement you need to make.  Happy cyber Monday!  xoxo

tumblr_m28b17cLVr1r4u8lro1_500NYfashionWeek_StreetStyleParka  Verde militar Pull Gafas  ray banparkafashionsaladeOliva-Palermo-Clothingparka 3

Black on Black

1409-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Unknown-Black-Tail-Les-Tuileries-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-France-New-York-City-Street-Style-Fashion-Blog_21E1354Color rules at the moment.  From printed pants to jeweled toned blouses to bright, bold make-up, color is in the spotlight.  As “happy” as color perceives itself to be, I’m still a black, grey, navy kind of girl.  No doubt that a hint of color thrown in with the darks is a chic addition, but black on black, for me, is still my all time favorite moment.  Happy Thursday! xoxo




When In Rome…

milan-street-6-5_150733954011.jpg_article_singleimageBeing in Italy all week has definitely allowed me to see things differently.  The food, the wine, the culture, is all bred in living vs just surviving.  Long dinners with family and friends takes precedence over the “in and out” American way.

Fashion and style is another glaring difference between the two cultures.  Taking New York out of the equation, because I truly believe it has become the fashion capitol, Italians love to dress.  Whether it’s meeting friends at the local cafe for a cappuccino or taking long walks in the park, Italians take pride in how they look and they make their love for fashion known.  It has been amazing taking part in a different culture and I will take away lessons that will live inside me forever.  xoxo

fe-321fotos_street_style_milan_fashion_week_769325245_800x12003630-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Giorgia-Tordini-New-York-City-SoHo-Street-Style-2012_AKS5823-920x1382Columbine Smillemodels-off-duty-street-style-milan-fashion-week-spring-summer-2013-boyfriend-jeans-coat-hatbest-of-MFW-street-style-milan-FASHION-WEEK-ss14-_-5Street-Style-Milan-Fashion-Week-Fall-2013

Beauty in Blues

denim9Fashion is a revolving door of trends.  I guess Project Runway got it right when they coined, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.”  Knowing that, styling is what becomes important.  Keeping up with the trends is a loosing battle, and one that the fashion industry depends on to keep it profitable.  No doubt that updating a wardrobe is necessary, but knowing what works for you and playing with what’s in your closet is really where the creativity happens.

Denim is a fashion staple and for the “everyday” woman it’s our go to necessity.  Falling into a rut is common, especially with denim, but it’s also the most user friendly and versatile.  Here is some tuesday inspiration to maybe lift that “jeans again” feeling.

tumblr_m5nn26OqdJ1ruh1b0o1_50034cbe00d905ee0d91edf4260aa1d287edenim fall fashion trends 2010 18092474300519161_cLerpAff_f50-Denim-Street-Style-Ideas-18wpid-Photo-01102013-1040-AMwpid-Photo-01102013-1034-AMwpid-Photo-30092013-753-PMLove this whole look.  A fresh glow with denim is always a do.

Hippie Chic

birkenstock-620x396So, it looks like the Birkenstock has made it’s way back to “it” status.  I’m not sure that this is a trend to follow, but there is something appealing about the “woodstock” icon.  Besides the obvious of being comfortable and I guess somewhat of a classic, it gives a bit of an edge and grunge to any feminine line.  Whether you buy into the look, or not, keep true to your style, and maybe borrow a friends pair first. 🙂  xoxo


First photo by Garance Dore