Button Up

vogue-sunglasses-street-style-nataie-joos-australian-fashion-week-clementinebayYesterday marked the first day of fall, although at 80 degrees it feels more like the middle of August. I’m not quite ready to read, research or write about sweaters at the moment, but I am ready to transition out of sandals and tanks and into more of a sophisticated fall like wardrobe.

Blouses, for me, are a great transition and hold piece. There’s not one item sexier or more classic than a great blouse. Completely versatile and worn dressed up or down, a blouse brings individual style up a notch. From high end vintage to a more modest H&M find, a great cut blouse is easily accessible and affordable by everyone. As we move into a more sophisticated time of the year, button up and start reaching for those feminine touches. Have a great weekend.  xoxo


Photo Cred// Vogue, All women Stalk, Tumblr

The Tortoise and the Hair

Every season, like fashion, accessories have their moments.  In the quest for the perfect pair of sunglasses, trends come and go but regardless of what’s “in,” a good pair remains a good pair.  For the last 4 years I personally haven’t strayed away from my ray bans.  It’s difficult to spend good money on a pair that will be thrown to the ground by a toddler.  But recently I find myself searching again for that perfect frame.

Lately I’m all about tortoise shell.  I love the soft coloring and regardless of hair color it’s a universally flattering shade.  Black tends to be a much edgier color on the face, the soft browns and caramels adds a “ladylike” feminine vibe that’s very appealing.  Now, finding the right style frame…is a whole other animal.  xoxo

Taylor Tomasi Hill

Olivia Palermo

Miranda Kerr

Charlotte Casiraghi

Blooming Peplum

Peplum skirts and tops having been blooming since spring.  I find them so pretty and feminine and easy to edge up by adding leather and/or skinnies.  Although I find these peplum’s lovely, the flattering factor over a size 2 could be a little harsh.

Peplum tops are a bit easier to wear as they do cover more belly than accentuate it, but skirts could be a different story.  Adding volume to an area that already has enough, could look like two pit bulls fighting behind you. 😉  Either way, I try to go for pretty rather than just trendy, H&M has got to have some posh(y) peplum’s.  xoxo

Psychology of Fashion?

Does what we wear affect our state of mind?  Can our outfit alter how we approach and interact with the world?  According to a recent study published in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, subjects that wore coats [supposedly] from doctors, performed better on tests than those dressed in street clothes, or those who thought that their coat was from an artist.  There’s no doubt that wearing beautiful fabrics and having designers items can makes us feel “good.”  But how deeply rooted are these thoughts that they can affect our cognitive process?  Apparently there is a name for it, enclothed cognition.  If our brain thinks that intelligent, powerful women dress in a certain designer, we are more likely to take on those characteristics when wearing that designer.  Isn’t that crazy!?

Honestly, it’s all just too psychological for me.  I try not to take it that seriously.  Here’s my process, I like it, I buy it, I wear it.  Psychological or not, we all need clothes so that we’re not walking the streets naked.  Wether you’re drawn to Gucci or Target, try not to make  choices off of perceptions of what types of people are wearing what designers.  I may need a head shrink for the many monkeys I have in my head, but for how I’m shopping?…. I may just be creating a better version of myself. LOL That’s what I’ll tell my husband.  xoxo

Beautiful, intelligent, impeccably dressed fashionistas:

Kate Davidson

Zanna Roberts and Taylor Tomasi Hill

Olivia Palermo

Giovanna Battaglia