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July 24, 2017

I’m not sure how the rest of the country fairs with this subject, but here in California there was a law passed at the beginning of the year that any type of grocery bag, plastic or otherwise, provided by the store would now be charged to the consumer. As little as a $.10 charge seems, it quickly adds up with our frequent stops and double bag options.

Personally, in trying to keep my families carbon footprint to a minimum, I do like the added “pain” for something so easy to implement, that is totally under our control to do better. Although I must say, remembering to pack reusable grocery bags isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve experienced many, “oh shit” moments of forgetfulness, but I’m working on it…

With that said, there is this great company that not only offers the cutest, most functional market bags, it’s an item that promotes global citizenship by empowering communities world wide. Apolis (Au-paul-iss) which means “global citizen,” is a company that models “advocacy through industry.” Which basically means, harnessing the power of business to create social change.

These bags are handmade by artisans in different parts of the world and they are paid fair and equal wages in return. These artisans are able to feed, take care of their families and are empowered to determine their own future. In return we get to do our little part in taking care of each other and our earth. The way I see it, it’s a win win for everybody. Check them out online, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and you’ll even get to exercise your creative juices by designing your own bag. See you at the grocery store global citizen!

Sofia Bush with her Apolis bag…

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