Winter Skin Care…

January 23, 2018

Skin care, for me, has always held top priority in self wellness. Being our largest organ on our body, it often gets overlooked till much later in life when what feels like overnight we develop darks spots, wrinkles, scars and an overall slow down in recovery. Although it’s never to late to start “preserving,” the earlier you can develop, your system, the better.

A couple of products I never do without is a retinoid for night time, which helps cell turn over and youthfulness. A facial scrub, which sloughs off the skin that’s turning over from the retinoid. And most importantly an SPF. If you don’t use a daily SPF, all the “anti aging” creams, serums, lasers etc will never “stick.” You have to protect your skin from the elements as much as possible.

The beauty market is saturated with products that honestly makes is ridiculous to try to choose. My advice to you is not just to purchase what someone else is using. Trouble shooting your own skin and figuring out what you really need is key. Unfortunately it can be a costly trial and error process. But I can honestly say, that less is definitely more. Stressing out the skin is never ideal, so be honest with what you want and research. Good luck!

Sturm facial scrub is gentle and moisturizing.I really like Glossier products. Inexpensive and effective.SPF is key…Avene is also moisturizing.

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